Sunday, 13 October 2013

What is morality?

What is moral is what is necessary.

Further questions arise from this proposition:

  1. Is what is being proposed in fact necessary?
  2. What is the thing being proposed necessary for?
  3. Is what is being proposed good or evil?
  4. Is what is being proposed practicable?
  5. Is the purpose of morality for any society social cohesion?
  6. If the purpose of morality is social cohesion then is it the case religion is the means through which morality is to be maintained?
  7. If it is the case that religion comes from the Latin word "religare" ie to bind, then is it logical to conclude that social cohesion is its purpose?
  8. Is religion another word for "state ideology"?
  9. Are Nazism, Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Liberalism all state ideologies?
  10. How are we to judge the quality of a state ideology?
  11. Is the longevity of a civilisation and the breadth of its empire indicative of the quality of its state ideology?
  12. Are advanced societies patriarchal and declining and primitive societies matriarchal?
  13. Is the patriarchy the lesser evil?
  14. Does sexual liberty replace political liberty?
  15. Is someone who does not care about the long term good of his or her society immoral?
  16. Is someone who wishes to obstruct policies that would result in the long term good of his or her society immoral?
  17. Do feminists ever turn their minds to the long term good of their society, or do they act with amoral tribalism and seek to acquire and secure their advantages and privileges as women for themselves even it is at the expense of men, the elderly and the next generation?
  18. Is feminism an ideology that insists that women should have the right to be as promiscuous as men?
  19. Does feminism encourage women to be promiscuous?
  20. Does feminism bribe men with easy and free sex to keep them compliant with the feminist agenda?
  21. Is feminism immoral and evil?
  22. Are those who promote it or who refuse to challenge or criticise it evil and immoral?
  23. Is there a reason why the patriarchy is the model for all advanced civilisations and why all the religions of advanced societies promote it?
  24. Do atheism and feminism go hand in hand?  
  25. Are lower animals atheist and feminist while humans are capable of better, ie creating the God and the institution of marriage that supports the patriarchy?

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