Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What made Islamophobic Ukrainian terrorist Lapsyhn do it?

Ukranian born Pavlo Lapshyn admitted the murder of Mohammed Saleem, 82, whom he stabbed as he walked home from a mosque, and also planting a series of bombs outside mosques

Shekhovtsov [Ukrainian academic Anton Shekhovtsov, who studies the country's far-right] said Lapshyn was by all accounts a "shy, polite, normal guy" with no links to extremist groups in Ukraine, a view confirmed by West Midlands police.

Lapshyn was part of Ukraine's Russian linguistic minority. Shekhovtsov says extremist material started to appear on Lapshyn's social media pages after he murdered Saleem. The extremist groups he cites are Russian in origin: "Before Birmingham, there is no evidence of rightwing material on his website."

Just before Lapshyn was due to travel to the UK his mother was left seriously injured after a car accident. Police can find nothing in the details of the case – the others involved were white – to offer any insight into why he became so hellbent on murder once he arrived in Britain.

It was probably a bit of a shock for him to see so many Muslims if there are no Muslims at all in the Ukraine, and have to live amongst them somehow.

Perhaps if he had to go and live in Pakistan or Bangladesh and had agreed to go there he would not have had such a bad reaction.

He came to Britain thinking he was going to live amongst the English but found himself living amongst Asians and Muslims instead. It affected the balance of his mind, clearly.,_Birmingham#Population

The total population of the area is approximately 36,898, based on 2007 estimates. The majority of residents are of South Asian origin, mainly of Pakistani (51%) and Bangladeshi (9%) descent, while people of White British ethnicity is 22%.  Many residents are also Muslim; there are many mosques in the area, the largest in Small Heath being the Ghamkol Shariff Masjid which, incidentally is also one of the largest in the UK. It holds regular Muslim prayers, funeral services and other religious ceremonies. Only 11% of the population in the area were actually born in the West Midlands area, the white British population has steadily declined in the whole of Birmingham, since 2001 it has dropped from 65.6% to 53.1 by 2011, less than half the population considers himself Christian, the Pakistani population is growing in Birmingham at a rate of 1% per year, while the population of Pakistanis in Small heath is growing at rate of 6% per year . Over 45% of the population have arrived within the last 12, months. Ref: Birmingham city council 2011 consensus.

He could have just moved out of the area, but he did not.  Perhaps he saw what he thought was the subjection of the white race by the brown race and could not bear it.  Perhaps he thought he was doing his race a favour.  Who knows?  It was very interesting that he put his hands up to it straight away and didn't plead insanity, depression, stress, disability or a bad childhood as you would expect the typical modern Englishman to do. Another Breivik perhaps?

Perhaps he could not bear the thought of there being so many Pakistani cities in England.  Unlike Englishmen who have been pacified and tranquilised for decades and told they were evil, extremist, racist and worthless for objecting to this, as a white non-Muslim Ukrainian male he could not quite accept things as they were, and just felt he had to do something.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that you, British people, suffer from massive insanity! We, the Ukrainians, live peacefully with all other people of various origins, background and religious affiliation. We do not differentiate between them. Pavlo Lapshyn had Muslim groupmates from e.g. Iran and had been getting along with them very well during all the years at the Uni! No British newspaper ever mentioned that! He had no problems with non-whites! This is all a huge set up! He is innocent!!!! And yet he was sentenced for a lifetime in prison!

Claire Khaw said...

He confessed though.