Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Khaw v Conservative Party hearing on 21 January 2014


  1. The Hon Mr Justice Collins 
  2. The Hon Mr Justice Holman (Family)
  3. The Hon Mr Justice Eady
  4. The Hon Mr Justice Charles (Family)
  5. The Hon Mr Justice Burton
  6. The Hon Mr Justice Silber
  7. The Hon Mrs Justice Rafferty
  8. The Hon Mr Justice Henriques
  9. The Hon Mr Justice Ouseley
  10. The Hon Mr Justice McCombe 
  11. The Hon Mr Justice Owen
  12. The Hon Mr Justice Mitting
  13. The Hon Mr Justice Davis
  14. The Hon Mr Justice Keith
  15. The Hon Mr Justice Treacy
  16. The Hon Mr Justice Simon
  17. The Hon Mrs Justice Cox DBE
  18. The Hon Mr Justice Fulford
  19. The Hon Mr Justice Beatson
  20. The Hon Mr Justice Bean
  21. The Hon Mr Justice Wilkie
  22. The Hon Mrs Justice Dobbs DBE
  23. The Hon Mr Justice Walker
  24. The Hon Mr Justice Calvert-Smith
  25. The Hon Mr Justice Langstaff
  26. The Hon Mr Justice Lloyd-Jones
  27. The Hon Mr Justice Underhill
  28. The Hon Mr Justice Irwin
  29. The Hon Mr Justice Wyn Williams
  30. The Hon Mr Justice King 
  31. The Hon Mr Justice Saunders
  32. The Hon Mr Justice Flaux
  33. The Hon Mr Justice Stadlen
  34. The Hon Mr Justice Foskett
  35. The Hon Mr Justice Blake
  36. The Hon Mr Justice Cranston
  37. The Hon Mr Justice Coulson
  38. The Hon Mr Justice Plender
  39. The Hon Mr Justice Blair
  40. The Hon Mr Justice Burnett
  41. The Hon Mr Justice Sales (Chancery)
  42. The Hon Mrs Justice Slade DBE
  43. The Hon Mr Justice Hickinbottom
  44. The Hon Mr Justice Nicol
  45. The Hon Mr Justice Kenneth Parker
  46. The Hon Mr Justice Edwards-Stuart
  47. The Hon Mrs Justice Nicola Davies DBE
  48. The Hon Mrs Justice Thirlwall DBE
  49. The Hon Mr Justice Supperstone
  50. The Hon Mr Justice Lindblom
I will have to address him as "My Lord" or her as "My Lady".

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Both Nick Griffin and Matt O'Connor denounce feminism today


Friday, 15 November 2013

There is little that can be done about the imminent extinction of Christianity

Christianity has come to the end of the line, really. Christianity is no longer the religion of the West, Liberalism is, the way Fascism was the religion of the Italians under Mussolini, Nazism was the religion of the Germans under Hitler as well as Communism was the religion of the Chinese and Russians under Mao and Stalin respectively.

Christianity, by aligning itself with the Left, allowing women to be vicars and preaching Liberalism, has utterly destroyed its own reputation, in rather the same way that a woman with a reputation for being fast gradually descends into becoming a cheap whore.

To look to a stupid cheap whore as a source of moral guidance would be folly of the highest order.

Also, the reason why Christians are being attacked in Muslim lands is because Muslims do not have the means to attack the West for its foreign policy.

They only know it as the religion of Obama, Blair, Brown and Cameron, as well as the religion of the people who promote extramarital sex and gay marriage.

Because they are helpless against drones and the overwhelming military superiority of the West, they are only left with killing Christians who live in their midst.

Nothing can be done about Christianity in the Middle East. The West, who is mostly atheist and liberal, does not believe in or care about Christianity anyway.  Many Western Christians do not even know that they are not Christians if they do not believe that Christ is also God and that only good Christians go to heaven.  Only the non-European Christians understand the bargain, but they are not allowed to tell Western Christians for fear that Western Christians would all walk out of their Churches en masse at such a totalitarian requirement. Western Christians are not told about this totalitarian requirement because the Liberal clergy of the Western Church is more interested in getting bums on pews than in maintaining morality.

When the Pope was being chosen, European Catholics were saying that the new Pope must not be European, presumably because if he were from the West, he would be destroyed by paedophile allegations the moment he became Pope, and would receive no protection at all from any of Western government whose politicians are mostly liberal, feminist and atheist.  That is  presumably why the ex-Pope Cardinal Ratzinger dare not leave the legal protection of the Vatican.

It is not as if there is no other better religion for the West to adopt though.   Islam is here.  If Islam is Judaism Lite then Secular Koranism is Islam Lite.

When the Archbishop of Canterbury says gay marriage is OK, and Pope Francis is showing every sign of going the same way as the Church of England, you already know that Christianity is drinking in the last chance saloon.

Christianity cannot survive because no one will give it sanctuary, least of all the so-called  Christian West, whose liberal voters can barely conceal their contempt and disgust for those who have faith. The malice of the matriarchy is extreme and she is licking her chops at the thought of how many male priests whose reputations she will ruin by allowing any accusation of sexual misconduct to be treated seriously, no matter how stale, for the sheer pleasure of humiliating previously high status men. From cardinals to cartoonists to comedians to media consultants to Lib Dem peers, now, no man is safe.

The "business model" of the matriarchy is to entice men into sexual impropriety and then hang, draw and quarter them for it.

Only Islam will protect the Western man and his civilisation from the matriarchy, but they are not interested, because they hate Muslims and don't want to fuck them.  Instead, they will defend their practice of elevating fornicatresses and sluts who are immoral women into deities, because immoral women have their role in providing them with sexual services cheap or free.  That is why no Western male clergyman will say anything against SSMs  If feminism is a cancer, then SSMs are cancer cells.

For its cowardice and intellectual incoherence Christianity deserves to die and be replaced. Christianity is a moral vacuum, and nature abhors a vacuum.  Islam is the best candidate to takes its place.  

What should happen to Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman?

It is interesting that crime of passion was the European equivalent of stoning to death the adulterous and pregnant bitch and her lover.

The Koranic punishment is rather lighter.

YUSUFALI: The woman and the man guilty of adultery or fornication,- flog each of them with a hundred stripes: Let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter prescribed by Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day: and let a party of the Believers witness their punishment.
PICKTHAL: The adulterer and the adulteress, scourge ye each one of them (with) a hundred stripes. And let not pity for the twain withhold you from obedience to Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a party of believers witness their punishment.
SHAKIR: (As for) the fornicatress and the fornicator, flog each of them, (giving) a hundred stripes, and let not pity for them detain you in the matter of obedience to Allah, if you believe in Allah and the last day, and let a party of believers witness their chastisement.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Why the Red Poppy is Bad for Britain and Bad for the British Military

Why don't the British ask themselves whether they should have fought WW1 instead of rehashing the usual sentimental sludge again?

If, as A J P Taylor said, WW2 was a continuation of WW1, then what was WW1 about?

What was Belgian neutrality to the British in 1914?

How relevant was the Treaty of London 1839 to Britain in the geopolitics of 1914?

Did Britain lose her world empire over a "scrap of paper"?

Was the most militaristic nation in the world looking upon every European war as a party she simply must go to?

Did Britain think she was the biggest party girl of the whole wide world?

Now she is a washed up old woman with an ambivalent attitude towards her past.

 It is of vital importance that the people of this country understand how this country lost its world empire.

Think of the Accumulator Principle, but of it working in reverse.

The Red Poppy is like the British worshiping the thing that brought them low.

It is a bit like Christians worshiping the Cross.

If Jesus was executed by electric chair would Christians be wearing electric chairs round their necks?

It is like watching people with the bubonic plague wearing a rat round their necks.

I despise the mawkish sentimentality and the nauseating hypocrisy every year when everyone wears their poppy and heart on their sleeves.

Only the world's most militaristic and sentimental nation would do it.

At least the Russians and the Chinese do it by marching properly and having rousing military parades displaying their weaponry.

Give a dead soldier a poppy after he dies in yet another stupid war as you sentence a live soldier for "murdering" an enemy combatant!

This is how the British respect their military.

Next year, the British will be celebrating the centenary of WW1 - the year of the beginning of their folie de grandeur - when they started to lose their marbles in a big big way.  It was a weak and Liberal Prime Minister who allowed it to happen, and now we have a Conservative Prime Minister who wants the world to adopt gay marriage.

It is hoped that someone will start a Rafflesia Campaign to commemorate the folly of the British.

The Rafflesia Corpse Flower

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Feminist Catherine Hakim equates feminism to empowering sluts. Feminism = Pornocracy
Miley Cyrus says she's 'one of the biggest feminists'

It would appear that Catherine Hakim is a feminist propping up a pornocrat.  She is also a very influential woman and a member of the matriarchy busily going about her business of corrupting the morals of the nation.
Catherine Hakim (born 30 May 1948) is a prominent British sociologist and expert on women's employment and women's issues. She has worked in British central government, and as a Senior Research Fellow in the London School of Economics. She is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies. 

Saturday, 9 November 2013

If you had to be executed and could only choose one of these methods, which would it be?

You are about to be executed. Which would you choose if you can only choose from the following?

  • A four-inch bolt to be shot into my brain and then my throat cut
  • Just my throat cut

I know some of you will not answer this question honestly or at all, because it would have implications for the validity of your opinion against halal slaughter and your inconsistent position exposed.

I do believe that if halal slaughter decreed that the animal has to have a 4 inch bolt shot into its head before its throat is cut these animal sentimentalists would say that was cruel and unnatural and want to ban it. They are just taking the animal rightist stance because they see it as a stick with which to beat those pesky Muslims.

I am assuming that meat-eating Islamophobes would consider their own comfort and dignity more than some dumb animal they would only eat, and would choose the least painful or most dignified method of execution for themselves, or what they would perceive to be the most dignified and least painful method. 

Halal slaughter 'consists of using a well-sharpened knife to make a swift, deep incision that cuts the front of the throat, the carotid artery, windpipe, and jugular veins. The head of an animal that is slaughtered using halal methods is aligned with the qiblah [ie facing Mecca]. In addition to the direction, permitted animals should be slaughtered upon utterance of the Islamic prayer "in the name of God." '

If I were a rational animal I would choose this method of slaughter.

Non-halal slaughter is described thus:

The slaughterhouse process differs by species and region and may be controlled by civil law as well as religious laws such as Kosher and Halal laws. A typical U.S. procedure follows:

  1. Cattle (mostly steers and heifers, some cows, and even fewer bulls) arrive via truck or rail from a ranch, farm, or feedlot.
  2. Place animals in holding pens.
  3. Incapacitate them by applying an electric shock of 300 volts and 2 amps to the back of the head, effectively stunning them, or by use of a captive bolt pistol to the front of the cow's head (a pneumatic or cartridge-fired captive bolt). Swine can be rendered unconscious by CO2/inert gas stunning. (This step is prohibited under strict application of Halal and Kashrut codes.)
  4. Hang them upside down by both of their hind legs and place them on the processing line.
  5. Sever the carotid artery and jugular vein with a knife. The blood drains from the body, causing death through exsanguination.
  6. Remove the head and feet.

Personally, I would prefer to be dead before I was hung upside down.  Dunno about Islamophobes though.  

It is assumed that throat-cutting is the quickest and most irreversible way of ending the life of a living creature.

Female ritual suicide known as Jigai was practiced by the wives of samurai who have committed seppuku or brought dishonor.

Some females belonging to samurai families committed suicide by cutting the arteries of the neck with one stroke, using a knife such as a tantō or kaiken. The main purpose was to achieve a quick and certain death in order to avoid capture. Women were carefully taught jigaki as children. Before committing suicide, a woman would often tie her knees together so her body would be found in a dignified pose, despite the convulsions of death. 

This idea of a quick death through throat-cutting is confirmed by Tennyson, writing of  Iphigenia's ritual sacrifice:

"I was cut off from hope in that sad place, [12]
  Which yet to name my spirit loathes and fears: [13]
  My father held his hand upon his face;
  I, blinded with my tears,

  "Still strove to speak: my voice was thick with sighs
  As in a dream. Dimly I could descry
  The stern black-bearded kings with wolfish eyes,
  Waiting to see me die.

  "The high masts flicker'd as they lay afloat;
  The crowds, the temples, waver'd, and the shore;
  The bright death quiver'd at the victim's throat;
  Touch'd; and I knew no more." [14]

Would you prefer to be subjected two violent life-terminating procedures when just one of them would by itself be enough to send you into the next world, or would you prefer just one?

Would you rather be both stabbed in the heart and then have your head cut off, or would you prefer to have either, but not both?

Which would be choose if you were trying to choose the method with the least pain and the most dignity?

Those choosing to be stunned should bear in mind that it does not always work:

10 November 14:59
"Bolt/stun guns don't always work - the worst thing I've ever seen as far as animal suffering is concerned was a bullock shot with a bolt gun which for some reason didn't work right - this poor beast is howling and kicking and shaking the whole cage, truely sickening, grown men in tears, nasty."

If I had to have my throat cut I would rather have it cut facing Mecca in an upright position with a prayer said for me, than to have it cut when I was hanging upside down insensible, with no prayer said for me at all.  

If the Koran said stun the animals and then cut their throats, can you imagine the Islamophobes saying this should be banned because both stunning and throat-cutting is unusual and unnecessary cruelty?  I can.

There really is one correct and rational answer only, isn't there, as to which method you would choose for yourself if you had to choose?  Not that I would expect an Islamophobe to see it or ever answer the question honestly.

The ideal form of halal slaughter I propose: the animal proceeds through a passage towards a pleasant and clean room facing Mecca. A kindly slaughter man greets it and says the usual prayer, its throat is cut and it dies quickly.

How easy I would be on politicians if only they would do their jobs properly

Do you think an elected politician, such as an MP or mayor, should or should not resign from office if you learned that they had done one of the following?
Smoked marijuana
No, this person should not resign

Accepted cash gifts while in office
No, this person should not resign

Was frequently drunk in public
Yes, this person should resign

Used cocaine
No, this person should not resign

Smoked crack cocaine
No, this person should not resign

Was in a bar fight
No, this person should not resign

Claimed expenses they weren't entitled to
No, this person should not resign

Been unfaithful to their spouse
No, this person should not resign

Frequented prostitutes
No, this person should not resign

Sent their children to private school
No, this person should not resign

Took ecstasy
No, this person should not resign

Improperly failed to report all their income to the taxman
No, this person should not resign

Sent explicit images of themselves that became public
Yes, this person should resign but only these images were sent to a woman not his wife.

Friday, 8 November 2013

A reason for pet-lovers to become Muslim

God, who is said to be the source of The Koran, must have anticipated the 21st century pet-lover, for He promises in the Koran:

YUSUFALI: There is not an animal (that lives) on the earth, nor a being that flies on its wings, but (forms part of) communities like you. Nothing have we omitted from the Book, and they (all) shall be gathered to their Lord in the end.
PICKTHAL: There is not an animal in the earth, nor a flying creature flying on two wings, but they are peoples like unto you. We have neglected nothing in the Book (of Our decrees). Then unto their Lord they will be gathered.
SHAKIR: And there is no animal that walks upon the earth nor a bird that flies with its two wings but (they are) genera like yourselves; We have not neglected anything in the Book, then to their Lord shall they be gathered.

Pets go to heaven if they are good to join their owners if they too are good.  Pet owners must therefore be good.  

Who will lead the British branch of Generation Identity?

It does look like it could be Jack Buckby because he is young, politically active, has met Markus Willinger, and is reproducing large chunks of Generation Identity at

But what ideas has he apart from the ideas of Liberty GB, an Islamophobic party even more Islamophobic than the BNP contained in the following links

and his failed Culturalism?

Why Jack Buckby's idea of National Culturalism cannot work

As you can see at Jack Buckby does not like me and cannot provide coherent ideological reasons for doing so.

Quite often my rivals simply hate me for saying the things that they dare not say.  They call it "grandstanding" because, not surprisingly, I do get a lot of attention when I say the things I say.  It is quite understandable, in a way, that many nationalist men would hate to see me succeed where they have failed, since I am but a female and a foreigner, or something infinitely more sinister ....

I am the mind of a man happily inhabiting the body of a female, and am nothing like what they have come across before.  Apparently, they want to be led by someone just like themselves - timorous failures - thereby allowing the matriarchy to control the terms of debate.  

If you were a sane lunatic would you let someone like you - that is, another lunatic - represent your interests, or someone who is actually sane, knows what the problem is and has the solutions?  

In my opinion, there can only be one correct answer.

The kindest thing to do is to assume that they do not know what they want, and proceed to tell them what it is that they do want.  

Compared to Jack I am an intellectual giant.  

Why I, a non-white, do not feel threatened by the ideas in Markus Willinger's Generation Identity

Yes, I know Willinger talks about a time when Africans and Muslims have returned to their homelands, but in a way I think anyone, even the indigenous, will want to flee the country when things get bad, and they will.

The rage felt by the youth of today is the rage felt by any adolescent that is unsure of its identity and cannot find anything appealing in its own land.  There are surely many now who find British culture shallow and degenerate.

What is British culture but pop culture, pub culture, TV culture, football culture, gay culture and drug culture?

What is the British character most recognised by foreigners but the culture summed up as "Dipso, Fatso, Bingo, Tesco, ASBO and Paedo"?

If you agree that British culture is the result of its laws and social practices, so is it also the result of its political culture, and its political culture is called Representative Democracy. This means that its political system consists of amoral political tribes incapable of thinking beyond the next general election whose divisions are easily exploited by the Israel lobby. The rights of these tribe members are abused regularly by their leaders and their cronies, and but they (especially the ones in Parliament and who are Cabinet Members) are too stupid to notice or too scared to protest against this. The consequence of this political culture is that all politicians who want to remain politicians must toe the line and play the system, and this means not saying anything that might resemble the truth or engage the public.

Only when the political culture changes will the British character change for the better.

When British culture changes for the better, Muslims will no longer wish to distant themselves from the culture of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland, nor will Muslim women feel the compulsion to wear the niqab, hijab or burkha to proclaim that they are not sluts like the non-Muslim indigenous females.  They may not be so rude as to tell Western women what they really think of their morals, but that is what their obsession with wearing the Muslim uniform is really all about: an assertion of a feminine identity that is not part of Western slut culture.

The solution is therefore very simple: Western women should simply collectively resolve to cease to be sluts, for the good of everyone else, including themselves and future generations.

What is a slut?  She is a fornicatress.  Who is a fornicatress?  Any woman who has pre-marital sex.

It remains to be seen how resolute are these Identitarians in challenging the matriarchy that squats above their heads.

Generation Identity by Markus Willinger: an indictment against the liberal establishment and the 68ers

You can order it at where I have reviewed it.  It is reproduced below:

It is short, sweet and strong as well as a compelling read. I must say I relish the thought of liberals reading this book and quaking in their boots, for they cannot refute any of the accusations Willinger makes with facts or logic.

As for British identity (which is currently Dipso, Fatso, Bingo, Tesco, ASBO and Paedo), it will change for the better when the right laws are in place.

The right laws, as far as I am concerned anyway, will be in place after the following take place:

1. after the repeal of the Equality Act 2010
2. after the repeal of the European Communities Act 1972
3. after the repeal of Murder (Abolition of Death Penalty) Act 1975
4. after fault is taken into account in any divorce settlement
5. after a flat rate income tax of 20% is in place
6. after the welfare-dependent and low-waged are disenfranchised
7. after the civil partnership and inheritance tax is abolished
8. after the welfare state is dismantled
9. after the NHS is broken up and sold off
10. after it is again shameful to have a child out of wedlock

The right laws would be the laws that undermine the foundations of the West's entrenched matriarchy that have made its government and people so venal, irrational and immoral. It would not be difficult at all to entirely discredit feminism as a viable, moral or intellectually respectable ideology when our voices are loud enough.

Generation Identity significantly increases the volume.

For an explanation of 68ers, does this quite well:

In May 1968, wildcat strikes across France initially sparked by student rebellions brought the entire nation of France to a standstill, with President de Gaulle going so far as to flee the country. The slogans of the ’68ers were a classic example of postmodern Marxism, a cry for a life more meaningful than what was possible under capitalist alienation. “A cop sleeps inside each one of us. We must kill him. Drive the cop out of your head.” “It is forbidden to forbid.” “Be realistic, ask the impossible.”

Though de Gaulle was able to defeat the would-be revolution, and his Center-Right party even gained seats in the elections that followed, May ’68 had a huge impact on European society, government, and culture. It heralded the establishment of Cultural Marxism [feminism, in other words] as the default culture of educated Western opinion. The rebellious young figures of the uprising, like the charismatic Daniel Marc Cohn-Bendit (aka “Danny the Red”), have gone on to become the boring old bureaucrats of the European Parliament, lecturing the people of Europe on what products they are allowed to use, what they are allowed to say, and what they are allowed to think. Instead of the beginning of a new era of freedom, May ’68 was the beginning of what Keith Preston has called “Totalitarian Humanism.”

NHS spends £700 on negligence cover for every birth and what to do about it
Tory deputy mayor: The best thing for disabled children is the guillotine
The retired GP made his sick suggestion to fellow councillors as they discussed sending the youngsters to a £3,000-a-week care home

If the infant is disabled, offer to dispose of it and only offer compensation if the mother is married. Sorted.  

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Claire Khaw agrees with Godfrey Bloom that the unemployed and public sector employees be stripped of the vote

Godfrey Bloom and Ian Cowie follow in my wake as regards narrowing the franchise. has my radical and thrilling plan to narrow the franchise even more.

I am even thinking of disenfranchising bachelors.

These ideas need to be introduced gradually to the voters and the political establishment, of course, and I would be very happy to go through my plans with him next time he is in London.

We will know how much the public like these ideas during the 2014 EU elections.  I do hope Mrs Bloom will strongly discourage him from standing down because I know how much fight there is in the old boy still. He would only get under her feet if he decided to retire from politics.

I will be able to get him all the publicity he wants and more.  All he needs to do now is get in touch.

Jane Collins is the MEP candidate UKIP are thinking of replacing him with.  She is bound to be completely boring and not say anything of interest at all.  We have had quite enough of over-promoted female mediocrities already, have we not?

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Nietzsche approved of Islam

If Islam despises Christianity, it has a thousandfold right to do so: Islam at least assumes that it is dealing with men….
Christianity destroyed for us the whole harvest of ancient civilization, and later it also destroyed for us the whole harvest of Mohammedan civilization.

The Christian God is a "... declaration of war against life, against nature, against the will to live!"[24] This God is a "... formula for every slander against 'this world,' for every lie about the 'beyond'!"[24] Recalling Schopenhauer's description of the denial of the will to live and the subsequent empty nothingness,[25] Nietzsche proclaimed that the Christian God is "... the sanctification of the will to nothingness!"[24] Nietzsche criticized the "strong races of northern Europe" for accepting the Christian God and not creating a new god of their own. "Almost two thousand years — and not a single new god!"[26] He maintained that the traditional Christian God of "monotono-theism" (Monotono–Theismus) supports "... all the instincts of decadence, all cowardices and weariness of the soul ... ."[26]

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Why we should all support the right of Golden Dawn *not* to be gunned down in the street

I know for a fact that many non-white British citizens complain about immigration.

In a way they are more isolated than the BNP, because such a person saying this to the liberal establishment would be shouted down.  "You can't complain about immigration," they would scream.  "You are an immigrant yourself!  Why don't you join the BNP and see if they don't send you on the first banana boat home?" etc.

While the indigenous voter have their pariah parties against immigration, the anti-immigration immigrant has nowhere to go.

Happily or sadly, things are so bad now that UKIP - a middle class anti-immigration party - want non-white members.  The BNP were actually delighted to have non-white members to show that they are really not that racist.  The fact that they were so anxious to have me as their London Mayoral Candidate was telling. After I was expelled the candidacy was still determinedly withheld from a local indigenous member and was given to an Uruguayan Londoner by the name of Carlos Cortiglia.

It seems we foreigners have our uses, even to "Far Right" organisations who so vehemently object to immigration.

Newly-arrived immigrants are tools of the political establishment, who know that granting them British passports would make them grateful and loyal.

The Right too find themselves in the paradoxical position of finding immigrants useful, for immigrants come from other places where social conservatism has not been so salami-sliced away that they find the leader of their Conservative Party thinking nothing of promoting gay marriage nationally and globally.

I will tell you why I do it then, apart from the desire for notoriety that is so often imputed to me.

I do it because I support the right of the voters to complain about immigration, whether they are racist or not.

I do it because I know I wouldn't like what has been happening to this country if I were myself white and indigenous.

I know that even the immigrants who come here to make their fortune wouldn't like it either if the same thing happened to their country and they found the racial composition of their neighbourhood, locality and nation racially changed within a short space of time.

I first visited Ireland in 1992 when it was recognisably Irish.  When I visited it 3 or 4 years later I found that its racial composition resembled London's, and felt concern for the Irish.  The Dubliners surely cannot find their newly cosmopolitan city an unmixed blessing, I thought.

The analogy of kicking away the ladder so others cannot follow me is an accusation that has often been levelled at immigrants who express anti-immigration views.  Even the most complained of group of immigrants - Muslims - complain about immigration too.  The first time I noticed this was in the 1997 General Election when a Muslim leader in Nicholas Budgen's constituency said something must be done about immigration.  More recently in the last few years, I attended a neighbourhood watch meeting at which Lutfur Rahman presided, before he became Mayor of Tower Hamlets.  A cry of "Why must everyone and his dog come to Tower Hamlets?  As if we didn't have enough problems of our own!" was something I found bemusing and very memorable.

Returning to the subject of analogies, a more suitable one would be that of being allowed on a nearly full lifeboat.  If allowing more would make the boat sink, then I owe it myself and those who let me on the lifeboat in the first place to say no to those who are scrambling to get on board.

Otherwise the entire boat would just capsize and all its passengers drown.

And this is why I have decided to accept Eddie Stampton's invitation for me to join him in the demonstration against the treatment of Golden Dawn, who are trying to effect change using the political process.

Condoning the gunning down of two Golden Dawn members would send a message to all who object to immigration that effecting change through the political process through peaceful means is clearly useless and that violent means must be employed to be effective.  This is precisely the message that must not be given to those who already filled with hate and fear that their complaints are always ignored and know that those who dare to complain will always demonised and ostracises.  If my presence at the demo in any way helps make this point, then I would be glad to accept Eddie Stampton invitation to attend.

Eddie Stampton's free speech should be defended, whatever you think of his politics

Eddie Stampton:

As already stated, I am currently on a 6.5 month suspended sentence and 2 year 'supervision order', for the absolutely terrible crime of using the 'N' word in public. I also had to pay £100 for the 'victim's' hurt feelings, 250 hours community service & have to attend a crackpot 'diversity & prejudice awareness course. At court, the National domestic extremism unit urged the Magistrates to ban me for life from attending 'far-right' events.

Anyway, due to this page, and the fact I am still politically active, I just received a warning letter from my black probation officer. I won't replicate it all on here, but anyone wishing to see it can have a look at the demo. They are warning me that if I don't comply with their commie bullshit I will be taken back to court & have the sentence imposed. I would only serve 13 weeks, which ordinarily would not bother me in the slightest, but Christmas is coming up. 

Here is the first paragraph of the letter:

I have been notified by the Extremism & Hate Crime Unit (EHCU) - London Probation Trust department - that you have posted or circulated or kept derogatory and offensive material in your Facebook Account/Page. Similar information has been shared by the Police on two previous occasions and the matter was discussed with you accordingly.

This is free speech & democracy EU style in 21st Century Britain. What a joke

It seems they made Prince Harry do this course, too, twice, which does make it seem that the Prince is racially even naughtier than our Eddie ...

It will be the second time he has been required to attend such a course, but this time sources say the training will be more intensive.

His remarks have also been be written permanently into his Army record.

A ridiculous and oppressive punishment for saying a rude word on his own Facebook account!!! that black people sometimes use on each other, don't you think?

A Roman salute from Eddie Stampton

If the BNP were a serious political party Eddie would have the legal representation he needs to protect his free speech, but nationalists already know what a moral coward Nick Griffin is.  His utter lack of imagination and success in the field of politics is well-established.

Please note that Eddie has not been a  member of the BNP since 2005 but I am just making the point that if I were leader of the BNP I would see to it that the party always made a point of helping out members who got into trouble with the law, especially if they had their free speech infringed.  It is the best way of making your point peacefully and legally, after all.

Members of any successful political party would like to to feel that if they go out on a limb for their party the party will look after them in return if they get into trouble, not dumped like a hot brick the moment things get a bit iffy.  If you buy legal insurance as a party, you would get a good rate too, I imagine.

The free speech of people whose views you dislike is your free speech too.

If you even understand the principle of free speech you would already know this, but no one understands this any more, not even the dime a dozen law graduates that this country keeps churning out.

  • Eddie Stampton When they remove free speech & democratic right to protest, what road do they push us down?

How I would have dealt with the Eton Scholarship Question on killing 25 rioters

"The year is 2040. There have been riots in the streets of London after Britain has run out of petrol after an oil crisis in the Middle East. Protesters have attacked public buildings. Several policemen have died. Consequently, the Army was deployed to curb the protests. After two days the protests have stopped but 25 protesters have been killed by the Army. You are the Prime Minister. Write a script for a speech to be broadcast to the nation in which you explain why employing the Army against violent protesters was the only option available to you and one which was both necessary and moral."

Below is how I would answer the question:

I am relieved to be able to announce that London is finally calm again; the riots have been quelled.  Lives have been lost on both sides, which is  regrettable, but calm has now been restored after two days of violent rioting.  The police were overwhelmed and several of them have had to sacrifice their lives.   It was not until it was clear that the police could not by themselves deal with such violent disorder that the Army was reluctantly called, or more citizens would have lost their lives.   Indeed, the scale of rioting was so serious and violent that it took the Army two days to restore order.   

Let me assure you that measures to strengthen the police force are now in firmly and fully in place.    The police are now armed and alerted to the known trouble spots of our metropolis and a network of intelligence will alert them well in advance of any trouble.  We know who the trouble makers are as well as the trouble spots and any rioters and looters will be dealt with very effectively.  

The Army have been a credit to themselves and the nation.  I congratulate them for dealing with the disturbances with so little loss of life.  That the overwhelming number of those who suffered loss of life were from the criminal fraternity makes clear that things could have been much worse.

Londoners should remain cautious and alert, but the need to impose a curfew does not at this stage seem in any way justifiable.  

London is now back to normal, and the nation continues going about its business.    

Below is an exchange I had with another woman who shares Laurie Penny's views:

She then deleted this post.  


  1. "Dennis Nielsen the serial murderer claims he did nothing wrong because none of his murder victims was ever reported missing. Base your arguments using Peter Lilley's Little List at
  2. "Imagine you are Al Qaeda chief about to post a video defending your acts of terrorism against the West."