Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Eddie Stampton's free speech should be defended, whatever you think of his politics

Eddie Stampton:

As already stated, I am currently on a 6.5 month suspended sentence and 2 year 'supervision order', for the absolutely terrible crime of using the 'N' word in public. I also had to pay £100 for the 'victim's' hurt feelings, 250 hours community service & have to attend a crackpot 'diversity & prejudice awareness course. At court, the National domestic extremism unit urged the Magistrates to ban me for life from attending 'far-right' events.

Anyway, due to this page, and the fact I am still politically active, I just received a warning letter from my black probation officer. I won't replicate it all on here, but anyone wishing to see it can have a look at the demo. They are warning me that if I don't comply with their commie bullshit I will be taken back to court & have the sentence imposed. I would only serve 13 weeks, which ordinarily would not bother me in the slightest, but Christmas is coming up. 

Here is the first paragraph of the letter:

I have been notified by the Extremism & Hate Crime Unit (EHCU) - London Probation Trust department - that you have posted or circulated or kept derogatory and offensive material in your Facebook Account/Page. Similar information has been shared by the Police on two previous occasions and the matter was discussed with you accordingly.

This is free speech & democracy EU style in 21st Century Britain. What a joke

It seems they made Prince Harry do this course, too, twice, which does make it seem that the Prince is racially even naughtier than our Eddie ...

It will be the second time he has been required to attend such a course, but this time sources say the training will be more intensive.

His remarks have also been be written permanently into his Army record.

A ridiculous and oppressive punishment for saying a rude word on his own Facebook account!!! that black people sometimes use on each other, don't you think?

A Roman salute from Eddie Stampton

If the BNP were a serious political party Eddie would have the legal representation he needs to protect his free speech, but nationalists already know what a moral coward Nick Griffin is.  His utter lack of imagination and success in the field of politics is well-established.

Please note that Eddie has not been a  member of the BNP since 2005 but I am just making the point that if I were leader of the BNP I would see to it that the party always made a point of helping out members who got into trouble with the law, especially if they had their free speech infringed.  It is the best way of making your point peacefully and legally, after all.

Members of any successful political party would like to to feel that if they go out on a limb for their party the party will look after them in return if they get into trouble, not dumped like a hot brick the moment things get a bit iffy.  If you buy legal insurance as a party, you would get a good rate too, I imagine.

The free speech of people whose views you dislike is your free speech too.

If you even understand the principle of free speech you would already know this, but no one understands this any more, not even the dime a dozen law graduates that this country keeps churning out.

  • Eddie Stampton When they remove free speech & democratic right to protest, what road do they push us down?


Anonymous said...

I'm not a BNP member, so why would Griffin want to help me?

Claire Khaw said...

If he helped you you would be his friend forever, probably, and definitely a member!

Anonymous said...

So you believe that it would assist Nick Griffin and the BNP's political aspirations to publicly back a goose stepping neo-nazi for the benefit of gaining one member?

Claire Khaw said...

The free speech of people whose views you dislike is also your free speech!

I suppose a better battle for free speech the BNP could have fought was to have defended my right to say what I did on the Victoria Derybshire Show.

It is not however too late for the BNP to annul my expulsion.

Claire Khaw said...

If my expulsion were annulled this would mean I would be eligible to throw my hat in the ring for the BNP leadership election in 2015.

That would create a frisson of excitement and interest, would it not?

Imagine the number of people who would join the party just to vote for or against me!

Suddenly, the BNP would become more interesting than UKIP again ....

It is a win-win situation for the BNP and me.

They could always rig the election to make me lose and keep Nick Griffin in power, too.

Democratic Nationalist said...

You do know that Eddie Stampton is a member of the New British Union and is London organiser, don't you?

Claire Khaw said...

"Greek Embassy Demo

Invited attendee; Eddie Stampton outlined the plans and intent surrounding the pro-Golden Dawn demonstration, which will take place on Saturday 9th November outside the Greek Embassy, London. Eddie advised that RV points will be allocated closer to the time, with advice going out through text and email. Obviously we need to get a good attendance, especially from the NBU who will be making a strong presence."

That says Eddie is an "invited attendee".