Tuesday, 5 November 2013

How I would have dealt with the Eton Scholarship Question on killing 25 rioters

"The year is 2040. There have been riots in the streets of London after Britain has run out of petrol after an oil crisis in the Middle East. Protesters have attacked public buildings. Several policemen have died. Consequently, the Army was deployed to curb the protests. After two days the protests have stopped but 25 protesters have been killed by the Army. You are the Prime Minister. Write a script for a speech to be broadcast to the nation in which you explain why employing the Army against violent protesters was the only option available to you and one which was both necessary and moral."

Below is how I would answer the question:

I am relieved to be able to announce that London is finally calm again; the riots have been quelled.  Lives have been lost on both sides, which is  regrettable, but calm has now been restored after two days of violent rioting.  The police were overwhelmed and several of them have had to sacrifice their lives.   It was not until it was clear that the police could not by themselves deal with such violent disorder that the Army was reluctantly called, or more citizens would have lost their lives.   Indeed, the scale of rioting was so serious and violent that it took the Army two days to restore order.   

Let me assure you that measures to strengthen the police force are now in firmly and fully in place.    The police are now armed and alerted to the known trouble spots of our metropolis and a network of intelligence will alert them well in advance of any trouble.  We know who the trouble makers are as well as the trouble spots and any rioters and looters will be dealt with very effectively.  

The Army have been a credit to themselves and the nation.  I congratulate them for dealing with the disturbances with so little loss of life.  That the overwhelming number of those who suffered loss of life were from the criminal fraternity makes clear that things could have been much worse.

Londoners should remain cautious and alert, but the need to impose a curfew does not at this stage seem in any way justifiable.  

London is now back to normal, and the nation continues going about its business.    

Below is an exchange I had with another woman who shares Laurie Penny's views:

She then deleted this post.  


  1. "Dennis Nielsen the serial murderer claims he did nothing wrong because none of his murder victims was ever reported missing. Base your arguments using Peter Lilley's Little List at
  2. "Imagine you are Al Qaeda chief about to post a video defending your acts of terrorism against the West."


Anonymous said...

Excellent response both to the question and to that Linford women. NM.

Claire Khaw said...

Thank you very much!