Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Religion in Britain after the Khavian Revolution

1935 poster of Manchukuo promoting harmony between Japanese, Chinese, and Manchu. The caption, written from right to left, says: "With the help of Japan, China, and Manchukuo, the world can be in peace." The flags shown are, left to right: the flag of Manchukuo; the flag of Japan; the "Five Races Under One Union" flag.

Isn't this sweet?

I thought a British version of this would be useful for propaganda purposes.

Since I am thinking in terms of a theocracy, the three in the British version of that poster could be a Chief Rabbi, the Archbishop of Canterbury and an Ayatollah ...

The slogan could be "Britain: Better and Stronger Together under Secular Koranism".
What role would the Church of England have under secular Islam?‎  

I would actually like to disestablish it, purge it of its feminists, liberals and Commie Pinkos and re-establish it with sensible people. Basically, the C of E can preach what it likes as long as it does not contradict the Koran. I am toying with the idea of dumping the Nicene creed and removing all references to the Trinity in hymns and carols as well as the divinity of Christ.

Might be a bit controversial though.

What is wrong with Secular Christianity? As an Abrahamic faith, it will have much in common with Islam, plus it is compatible with British history and culture.

The Bible and the Koran have the same values, but it is expressed more clearly in the Koran. Punishments are also lighter.

Technically, you are not a Christian until and unless you believe Christ is God. If you don't believe it, you are not Christian, and you go to hell.

You need not fear for Christian rituals though, you do what you like. UK laws will be in harmony with Koranic principles and there will be freedom of worship.

Secular Koranism is only a matter for the legal system. I have no plans to herd the British into mosques, if that is what you fear. SK only has a legal application.

I'm alarmed. Wouldn't scrapping all reference to the Holy Trinity and the Nicene Creed destroy a significant part of Christianity? Or is that part of the plan? 

I am afraid I do think that the Trinity is just mumbo jumbo and hocus pocus designed to "explain" and "prove" the divinity of Christ.

I will establish a new church which does incorporate these proposed excisions, eg the Eucharist which is nothing more than pretending to drink Christ's blood and eat Christ's flesh. Disgusting!

I think it would be nice to create a new religion to go with the new legal system I propose.

Instead of Christ on a cross, perhaps a magisterial portrait of me looking sternly down at the congregation might arouse the right degree of awe and fear.

New rituals will have to replace the ones done away with, I suppose, and I will have to think about them.

At every service there will be an improving sermon and there will be regular Ofsted like inspections to see if the vicar is up to the job.

I see the logic of forging a new religious creed to go hand in hand with a new legal framework;  a miniature statue would give it the required authority.  However,  why not resurrect the gods of the pre-Christian Europe?‎ 

For those who prefer pagan worship, I would be delighted to resurrect the Greek pantheon.  My intention to reconnect the Westerner with the roots of his civilisation.

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