Friday, 15 November 2013

There is little that can be done about the imminent extinction of Christianity

Christianity has come to the end of the line, really. Christianity is no longer the religion of the West, Liberalism is, the way Fascism was the religion of the Italians under Mussolini, Nazism was the religion of the Germans under Hitler as well as Communism was the religion of the Chinese and Russians under Mao and Stalin respectively.

Christianity, by aligning itself with the Left, allowing women to be vicars and preaching Liberalism, has utterly destroyed its own reputation, in rather the same way that a woman with a reputation for being fast gradually descends into becoming a cheap whore.

To look to a stupid cheap whore as a source of moral guidance would be folly of the highest order.

Also, the reason why Christians are being attacked in Muslim lands is because Muslims do not have the means to attack the West for its foreign policy.

They only know it as the religion of Obama, Blair, Brown and Cameron, as well as the religion of the people who promote extramarital sex and gay marriage.

Because they are helpless against drones and the overwhelming military superiority of the West, they are only left with killing Christians who live in their midst.

Nothing can be done about Christianity in the Middle East. The West, who is mostly atheist and liberal, does not believe in or care about Christianity anyway.  Many Western Christians do not even know that they are not Christians if they do not believe that Christ is also God and that only good Christians go to heaven.  Only the non-European Christians understand the bargain, but they are not allowed to tell Western Christians for fear that Western Christians would all walk out of their Churches en masse at such a totalitarian requirement. Western Christians are not told about this totalitarian requirement because the Liberal clergy of the Western Church is more interested in getting bums on pews than in maintaining morality.

When the Pope was being chosen, European Catholics were saying that the new Pope must not be European, presumably because if he were from the West, he would be destroyed by paedophile allegations the moment he became Pope, and would receive no protection at all from any of Western government whose politicians are mostly liberal, feminist and atheist.  That is  presumably why the ex-Pope Cardinal Ratzinger dare not leave the legal protection of the Vatican.

It is not as if there is no other better religion for the West to adopt though.   Islam is here.  If Islam is Judaism Lite then Secular Koranism is Islam Lite.

When the Archbishop of Canterbury says gay marriage is OK, and Pope Francis is showing every sign of going the same way as the Church of England, you already know that Christianity is drinking in the last chance saloon.

Christianity cannot survive because no one will give it sanctuary, least of all the so-called  Christian West, whose liberal voters can barely conceal their contempt and disgust for those who have faith. The malice of the matriarchy is extreme and she is licking her chops at the thought of how many male priests whose reputations she will ruin by allowing any accusation of sexual misconduct to be treated seriously, no matter how stale, for the sheer pleasure of humiliating previously high status men. From cardinals to cartoonists to comedians to media consultants to Lib Dem peers, now, no man is safe.

The "business model" of the matriarchy is to entice men into sexual impropriety and then hang, draw and quarter them for it.

Only Islam will protect the Western man and his civilisation from the matriarchy, but they are not interested, because they hate Muslims and don't want to fuck them.  Instead, they will defend their practice of elevating fornicatresses and sluts who are immoral women into deities, because immoral women have their role in providing them with sexual services cheap or free.  That is why no Western male clergyman will say anything against SSMs  If feminism is a cancer, then SSMs are cancer cells.

For its cowardice and intellectual incoherence Christianity deserves to die and be replaced. Christianity is a moral vacuum, and nature abhors a vacuum.  Islam is the best candidate to takes its place.  


Anonymous said...

Christianity is indeed in an awful state, but I don't like religion anyway. I don't like the secular religions of liberalism or Cultural Marxism a lot either... actually, I despise them.

The matriarchy is indeed powerful, and it seems more and more men's lives are being ruined. Rolf Harris? Roy Harper? Who's it gonna be next?

Recently, a retired policeman in the north-east of Scotland was jailed for a year and a half simply for touching women. Just touching!

Secular Koranism is something you have created yourself. Until you become an influential and important person it won't take off in any way. At the moment, at least as far as most of the world is concerned, you're just a mad woman spewing loony ideas on a blog.

I'm actually surprised you don't get more comments on your blog. A blogger like Irish Savant for example gets hundreds of comments for pretty much every post he makes, and a lot of your posts get no responses whatsoever.

Claire Khaw said...

I have never heard of Irish Savant.

The thing to note about Secular Koranism is that it is an idea that most people HATE.

They also hate my anti-slut message.

I think a lot of people are just afraid of discussing my ideas, because they think the best way of keeping me down is to ignore me. If they even discuss my ideas, even in an unflattering way, my ideas will get bigger and bigger, and they cannot bear to think that my detestable solutions can possibly be necessary in their lifetimes.

So they continue to pretend not to understand what I say and not discuss what I say.

But all my ideas are beautifully simple.

Anonymous said...

Never. We true Catholics won't let our faith die, even if we become a very small minority. :)

Claire Khaw said...

Your faith is worthless if it does not maintain your morals and help you prosper.

Anonymous said...

I maintain my morals and it helps me prosper.

Your lunacy is worthless.

Claire Khaw said...

Anyone's lunacy is worthless, but you have to tell me how I am mad.

Anonymous said...

Just look in the mirror and listen to yourself, idiotic fuckhead.

Claire Khaw said...

Not quite sure why I need to look in the mirror to listen to myself, or what my appearance or voice has to do with the imminent extinction of Christianity.