Friday, 8 November 2013

Why I, a non-white, do not feel threatened by the ideas in Markus Willinger's Generation Identity

Yes, I know Willinger talks about a time when Africans and Muslims have returned to their homelands, but in a way I think anyone, even the indigenous, will want to flee the country when things get bad, and they will.

The rage felt by the youth of today is the rage felt by any adolescent that is unsure of its identity and cannot find anything appealing in its own land.  There are surely many now who find British culture shallow and degenerate.

What is British culture but pop culture, pub culture, TV culture, football culture, gay culture and drug culture?

What is the British character most recognised by foreigners but the culture summed up as "Dipso, Fatso, Bingo, Tesco, ASBO and Paedo"?

If you agree that British culture is the result of its laws and social practices, so is it also the result of its political culture, and its political culture is called Representative Democracy. This means that its political system consists of amoral political tribes incapable of thinking beyond the next general election whose divisions are easily exploited by the Israel lobby. The rights of these tribe members are abused regularly by their leaders and their cronies, and but they (especially the ones in Parliament and who are Cabinet Members) are too stupid to notice or too scared to protest against this. The consequence of this political culture is that all politicians who want to remain politicians must toe the line and play the system, and this means not saying anything that might resemble the truth or engage the public.

Only when the political culture changes will the British character change for the better.

When British culture changes for the better, Muslims will no longer wish to distant themselves from the culture of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland, nor will Muslim women feel the compulsion to wear the niqab, hijab or burkha to proclaim that they are not sluts like the non-Muslim indigenous females.  They may not be so rude as to tell Western women what they really think of their morals, but that is what their obsession with wearing the Muslim uniform is really all about: an assertion of a feminine identity that is not part of Western slut culture.

The solution is therefore very simple: Western women should simply collectively resolve to cease to be sluts, for the good of everyone else, including themselves and future generations.

What is a slut?  She is a fornicatress.  Who is a fornicatress?  Any woman who has pre-marital sex.

It remains to be seen how resolute are these Identitarians in challenging the matriarchy that squats above their heads.


Anonymous said...

Very insightful article.

What is culture? That's a question I often used to find myself asking, until I gave up trying to care. Is it simply the things that people in a particular place do? I agree that British culture is generally quite shallow. But which other countries have a culture that is not shallow?

If any woman that has sex outside of marriage is a slut, then the vast majority of white British women are sluts - both lower class AND middle class ones.

Because to them, the idea of not having sex before marriage is so laughable and outdated that even their forebears would have mocked it.

Claire Khaw said...

The trouble is that most British men want their women to continue to be sluts because most of them do not wish to marry, or cannot afford to and prefer not to pay for the services of a prostitute.

Anonymous said...

Blame the globalised neoliberal economic system!