Thursday, 14 November 2013

Why the Red Poppy is Bad for Britain and Bad for the British Military

Why don't the British ask themselves whether they should have fought WW1 instead of rehashing the usual sentimental sludge again?

If, as A J P Taylor said, WW2 was a continuation of WW1, then what was WW1 about?

What was Belgian neutrality to the British in 1914?

How relevant was the Treaty of London 1839 to Britain in the geopolitics of 1914?

Did Britain lose her world empire over a "scrap of paper"?

Was the most militaristic nation in the world looking upon every European war as a party she simply must go to?

Did Britain think she was the biggest party girl of the whole wide world?

Now she is a washed up old woman with an ambivalent attitude towards her past.

 It is of vital importance that the people of this country understand how this country lost its world empire.

Think of the Accumulator Principle, but of it working in reverse.

The Red Poppy is like the British worshiping the thing that brought them low.

It is a bit like Christians worshiping the Cross.

If Jesus was executed by electric chair would Christians be wearing electric chairs round their necks?

It is like watching people with the bubonic plague wearing a rat round their necks.

I despise the mawkish sentimentality and the nauseating hypocrisy every year when everyone wears their poppy and heart on their sleeves.

Only the world's most militaristic and sentimental nation would do it.

At least the Russians and the Chinese do it by marching properly and having rousing military parades displaying their weaponry.

Give a dead soldier a poppy after he dies in yet another stupid war as you sentence a live soldier for "murdering" an enemy combatant!

This is how the British respect their military.

Next year, the British will be celebrating the centenary of WW1 - the year of the beginning of their folie de grandeur - when they started to lose their marbles in a big big way.  It was a weak and Liberal Prime Minister who allowed it to happen, and now we have a Conservative Prime Minister who wants the world to adopt gay marriage.

It is hoped that someone will start a Rafflesia Campaign to commemorate the folly of the British.

The Rafflesia Corpse Flower


snork maiden said...

It's not about celebrating warfare, it's about remembering the fallen. For those who do believe the red poppy is a misguided celebration of past wars, there's a white poppy. But something tells me you don't have much time for pacifists either. And you're a bit behind to be dissing Armistice Day, shouldn't you have written this three days ago?
You must be very desperate for enemies Claire, though I notice you took down the post where you were baiting animal rights supporters with dead kitten jokes.

Claire Khaw said...

Yeah,I was a bit late and this is a rehash of my Facebook postings on it 3 days ago, but hey, there is still the 1914 Centenary "Celebrations" to work up to!

Claire Khaw said...

There were no dead kitten jokes. I was anticipating being reported on Facebook for saying there are no laws against disposing of one's unwanted animals, but it didn't happen, so I took it down.