Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Are SSMs and tolerance of SSMs the reason why British education is falling behind?

Is this woman to blame for the failure of British education?

Should she be shot as Jeremy Clarkson once suggested?
Are the countries who did better than Britain in the PISA tests less slut and bastard than the English and Scots? has the list of countries who did better than Britain.  Are they less slut and bastard than the British?

Most British mothers are SSMs according to

What are SSMs? explains. and has statistics on illegitimacy.
Are the Welsh more slut and bastard than the English and the Scots?

Are British parents the worst in the world?

Is illegitimacy rather than race is the real root of crime, under-achievement and degeneracy?

Is the cause of degeneracy feminism?

Does feminism encourage female promiscuity?

Does female promiscuity facilitate male promiscuity?

Does fornication lead to illegitimacy?

Does illegitimacy lead to degeneracy?

Does feminism cause women to become bad men and men to become bad women?

Should feminism be questioned, challenged, denounced and renounced, for the good and long term survival of your civilisation?,0

Are most women feminists?  I would suggest that most men and women are indeed feminists.

Who is a feminist? Someone who objects to repealing the Equality Act 2010 and who won't reintroduce fault into divorce.

The overwhelming number of voters in the West are feminists.  Even UKIP refuse to propose repealing the Equality Act 2001, which is liberal thoughtcrime.

The BNP, which used to propose repealing all anti-discrimination legislation finds itself not quite saying that any more and do not even mention it, so effeminate have they become.  Have you seen their shit heart-shaped new logo?  Whom do you think was meant to be to appeal?  Women and children, of course, who are mostly stupid.

Do they ever talk about education?  Do they fuck, most of them are so fucking thick they don't even know what a grammar school is.  Even if they knew what it was, they would say "It's not for the likes of us."  If you started talking about selective education, their mouths fall open and their eyes would close in dumb incomprehension and boredom.  They are mostly slut and bastard too and because they are most affected by sluttery and bastardy, they are the people most unlikely to help themselves.  They are actually so stupid that they don't even know why people despise them, and keep blaming the Jews and Muslims as they attend their demos to show off their non-existent dress sense and their plebeian nature while making people despise them even more.  Their leader is like a parent who lets his children do whatever they like to do "as long as they are happy".  In this way does the sluttery, bastardy and the singular lack of breeding and education lead to the decline and fall of your civilisation.  They still don't know why British employers don't want to hire British workers.  British employers don't want to hire British workers cos they are mostly slut and bastard employees  no sane employer would want to hire if the option of hiring immigrant but non-slut and non-bastard employees is available.  Apparently, they don't get it that to be hired by British employers they would have to be competitive ie be cheaper and work harder, but that is another concept that has also gone out of the window with the average degenerate nationalist.  They expected to be treated like a privileged protected species about to become extinct, but they are hardly pandas, are they?

Is the teaching-profession female-dominated?

What is a particularly feminine vice?  I would suggest denial.

At what stage of the 5 stages of grief are the British at in accepting that their political and educational system is shit and they should do something about it, such as denounce liberalism and feminism and announce their execution at the hands of reason?  Not very advanced, I don't think.

Has what has been passed off as new and different ways of grading pupils and students merely been the means of hiding the failure of the corrupt and incompetent teaching establishment? suggests that previous grading systems were meant to confuse parents and employers and give pupils equality of failure while hiding the shittiness of British education and teaching.

Is the female-dominated teaching profession conspiring against boys?  You betcha.  Females like to tell males they are inferior just as much as males used to like telling females they were inferior.

Either that, or they remain in denial.

Is anyone going to tell them the truth?  Dare they?  Effeminate men are risk-averse and adopt feminine stratagems to protect themselves.  How long can they stay in denial?  How long is a piece of fucking string?

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