Friday, 20 December 2013

Does Nigella Lawson owe Charles Saatchi £685,000, and will he sue her for it?

Charles Saatchi has reportedly dropped his threat to sue ex-wife Nigella Lawson for £500,000.

The full details of his allegations about Nigella's behaviour cannot be made public for legal reasons, but have been strongly denied by her spokesman and her lawyers. 

But Saatchi’s claims could now be revealed at London’s High Court after his lawyers sent a legal letter to his former wife’s solicitors warning that he was poised to sue her for around half a million pounds in a bid to clear his name. 

The chillingly formal letter lays out serious allegations against the popular cook and claims her actions have cost her former husband a fortune. 

It warns that if she refuses to settle the matter voluntarily, legal action in court will ensue.

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If the Grillo sisters are not guilty of credit card fraud then the jury must have accepted that Nigella Lawson approved their spending.  If she approved the spending then she must be liable to her ex-husband for that sum.

Will Charles Saatchi sue his ex-wife for it?

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