Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Another tweeter who calls me a nutter but is unable to say why

I was referring to a certain Marty Caine who could not answer the question below and then blocked me: has the rest of our exchange.

I mean by this "conscripted into party politics".

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Returning Western bleeding heart women bring Ebola to the West

This is what drives non-Muslims to join ISIS, probably.

Self-loathing and loathing of one's government, loathing of being pussywhipped, and loathing of one's pussywhipped government all afraid of fucking sluts.

Reading this kind of SHIT at

Daniel Confino was basically banned for daring to complain about the treatment meted out to him by some tea ladies he called "idiotic bitches".

Apparently, in Britain, it is no longer permissible to insult a woman however poor the service you receive from her and however insolent she is.

If you do, the matriarchy will pull out all the stops to have you punished for being rude to "idiotic bitches".

Oh, don't worry about me, MI5 and MI6, I am too old to be an ISIS bride and no one would want me anyway.

But I digress.

When this bleeding heart health worker arrives in London, she will be near Hampstead Heath where all the bleeding heart liberals of London are largely concentrated ....

If we all catch Ebola in the end, the bleeding heart chatterati of Hampstead will get it first and die first, while the rest of us have time to gloat and cheer before expiring ourselves ....

That is almost a cheering prospect.

But tell me this before I die of Ebola, why is it always Western women who bring it back? Why are they more bleeding heart and libtard than men? Is it cos they are women and single women to boot? Are single women driven to these acts of bleeding heartery at the expense of their countrymen and their society?

Why is the government allowing this?  Is it cos they are afraid of alienating the single female vote?

How do you feel about having everything about this country being subverted to the wishes, preferences and whims of the selfish single woman who doesn't give a damn about her countrymen let alone the long term national interest?

How long do you think Western civilisation will survive when all its institutions have been subverted to catering to the whims of this kind of voter?

How chasing the female vote increased our taxes and the size of the state while reducing our liberties

Ebola doctoress hailed as heroine by libtard men

My complaint to The Today Programme about an Ebola female doctor's bad grammar

The self-evident truth that feminism denies

83% of female MPs voted for gay marriage while only 48% of male MPs did. What does this say about feminism?

It has been pointed out to me that Nurse William Pooley is male. Beta males do behave like women though. 

Saturday, 27 December 2014

What Godfrey Bloom finds so objectionable about "New UKIP"

The font at may be too small for some and I have therefore reproduced Godfrey's words below:

"Some newer members have not, it appears, heard the term 'New' UKIP, coined, I believe, by Andrew Neil (perhaps Helen Lewis, New Statesman) but no matter. Transition to New UKIP was not an overnight makeover. It followed a number of quite deliberate steps to fight the 2015 election. Believe me I used to be part of the hierarchy.

1          New constitution granting almost complete power to the leadership.

2          An unelected party Chairman, Secretary and other senior positions.

3          The 'adjustment' concession so member votes can be set aside by the leadership in  secret.

4          The curtailment of regions to select their MEPs with a much more easily manipulated national vote which also can be circumnavigated and has been.

5          The withdrawal from a basic libertarian ethos.

6          The suspension of due procedure for membership cancellation.

7          The secrecy of the vote counting and refusal to publish members' votes (where are  the national lists for the August 2013 MEP vote?).

8          The quite obvious swing to main party political correctness as illustrated by MartyCaine's  posts. A fundamental concession to the metropolitan press elite.

9          The strategic advance in favour of a coalition in some form.

10        The ruthless dogma that criticism of the leadership is disloyal to the cause, party, country. Where, I wonder, have we seen that historically?

11        The outright refusal to allow regions to elect representatives to the NEC. Yorkshire Region is still not represented in spite of 400,000 votes.  This skews the whole governing body to the south.

12        The final say on PPC selection remains with the leadership.

Folks, I still vote UKIP, remain a member and advocate on TV and radio of UKIP. My record on this is above reproach. Long-term members who still remain know exactly what 'New' UKIP means. The irony is that UKIP governance follows almost exactly the EU method. The referendum 'no' vote polls are now the worst in 10 years. So who in Brooks Mews works for the government?

A few things for the record, I spoke to four packed houses in the north of England in the winter, exhorting people to vote UKIP in May. Head Office vetoed other appearances. My continued technical support for the region for 12 months, post July 1st has been vetoed. I paid all staff and kept Yorkshire on the road right up until the 1st of July. Every TV and radio appearance has me endorsing UKIP. I am a founder member and have donated over £150,000 in the last 20 years in some format. All accounts are logged. I flag these points up because there are thousands of new members who perhaps think this is how it always was."


The real difference between men and women

You can't imagine women doing that, can you, especially if one of them has hit the other over the head with a rolled-up newspaper?

Imagine if Karen Danczuk hit Louise Mensch over the head with a rolled-up newspaper for asking her annoying questions. It is quite simply unimaginable.

Friday, 26 December 2014

YouGov polls UKIP could be conducting now

If you have every considered voting UKIP, please answer the following questions:

Has feminism gone too far? Yes/No

Does feminism undermine marriage? Yes/No

Does undermining marriage undermine social conhesion? Yes/No

Is the purpose of social cohesion to protect society from its internal and external enemies? Yes/No

Are sluts and socialists always the internal enemies of society? Yes/No

"Feminism is supported by totalitarian anti-discrimination which undermines the principle of freedom of contract." Agree/Disagree

"Our liberties rest on the foundations of (1) the right to property (2) freedom of expression (3) freedom of contract (4) freedom of association and feminism undermines all of them." Agree/Disagree

"Men these days do not acquire any financial, social or emotional advantages when they marry, only the fear of being divorced by their wives for any reason whatsoever under the unfair and ruinous terms of no-fault divorce."  Agree/Disagree

"Most women in Britain are sluts, and that is why most British mothers are Slut Single Mothers."  Agree/Disagree

If people deserve the government they get, then what kind of government do a people who are mostly bastards and whose women are mostly sluts deserve? (a) Good government (b) The government they deserve

"If most men do not marry then most of the next generation will be illegitimate, with all the connotations of being a bastard brought up by a slut mother entails: of degeneracy, bad-parenting, under-achievement, delinquency, criminality, being abused in care homes by child sex predators after being abandoned into a care home by its immoral, stupid and irresponsible mother.  If the Conservative Party does not dare address this issue then this duty falls on the narrow weak shoulders of Nigel Farage whose mother we already know is an exhibitionist.  Men are everywhere compromised by the morals of their women and congenitally afraid of confronting them." Agree/Disagree

"If all men including leaders of all the political parties of Britain - and this includes the Prime Minister - are afraid of confronting sluts, then this means that all British men are lower than sluts and Slut Single Mothers." Agree/Disagree

"If all British men are lower than sluts and Slut Single Mothers, then it is no surprise at all that Muslims in Britain, whose religion tells them to lash 100 times those convicted of extramarital sex are, would refuse to integrate, for to integrate in this regard would mean suffering the same symptoms of effeminacy, degeneracy and depravity and passing this on to the next generation like a hereditary disease."  Agree/Disagree

Should UKIP be uncompromisingly denouncing the pointless wars the UK government has been embroiling its Armed Forces in since 2001? Yes/No

"The lower the morals of women, the lower the morals of men." Agree/Disagree

"The moment men say that there is nothing wrong in women having extramarital and premarital sex, men will start becoming lower than the Slut Single Mother (SSM) and come the slave of her." Agree/Disagree

"While it is understandable that we should be afraid of an enemy who is cleverer, richer and stronger than us, it is despicable and contemptible to submit to an enemy that one knows to be stupider, poorer and weaker than us because we want to have sex with her." Agree/Disagree

"A civilisation whose men are afraid of sluts and Slut Single Mothers cannot survive, let alone prosper, and would only become weaker, poorer and more degenerate the longer men remain afraid of confronting and challenging feminism." Agree/Disagree

"The operation of democracy in an environment of indiscriminate universal suffrage prevents mistakes from being corrected." Agree/Disagree

"The moment UKIP proposes that there shall be no representation without taxation, it will be declaring war on the nanny state whose over-bloated body feeds innumerable parasites at the expense of the productive worker and citizen. If its leader Nigel Farage refuses to grasp this nettle, he will be betraying the libertarian principles he claims to have." Agree/Disagree

"The longer politicians remain incapable of acknowledging the mistakes of the past, the worse the problem will become and the harder it will be to cure. UKIP must work up the courage of acknowledging these problems and propose practicable and reasonable solutions viz repealing the Equality Act 2010 and abolishing no fault divorce after purging the judiciary of its subversive elements viz libtards and feminazis." Agree/Disagree

"Feminism rests on the twin pillars of the Equality Act 2010 and no fault divorce. Once the former is repealed and the latter is abolished, we will have abolished feminism. Once we have abolished feminism, we will have rationally small government again." Agree/Disagree

Should UKIP make a point of not chasing the female vote? Yes/No

Traditional Britain Group too afraid to denounce feminism

How do I know? Because I have been declared persona non grata at TBG.


Because I denounce feminism, though they have not said so officially.

I suppose I should be grateful or I would have paid £35 to listen to these speeches and wasted a whole day.

Stupendously dull speeches except for Godfrey Bloom's (and he didn't even suggest any solutions), but I have - repeal Equality Act 2010 and abolish no fault divorce - simple and easy to remember.

Godfrey Bloom tells Claire Khaw he wants to repeal the Equality Act 2010

I have been frozen out by these dull old men because I denounce feminism. Do these dull old men like feminism? Of course not. Why don't they denounce it then? Because they are afraid. But if I do their job for them then I get all the credit, and that won't do either.

That is the only explanation for their apparently inexplicable behaviour.

Keir Martland: Family Structures, The Privatisation of Offspring
Transcript of Keir Martland's speech

Professor John Kersey - 'Music and Culture'

Professor Tomislav Sunić - ‘Modern education and the destruction of culture'

Godfrey Bloom on Libertarianism and Traditionalism

Godfrey Bloom - 'Why Traditionalism and Libertarianism are not incompatible

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

More monogamy makes the world less violent

Claire Khaw stands up for the right of Kerry Smith to call her a "chinky bird" because she believes in free speech

The self-evident truth that feminism denies

Some things are easy for men but hard for women and vice versa. Most women are easily offended and find it hard to think logically, for example.

Most men find it easy to talk about sports and politics endlessly which would bore women silly.

If we acknowledge these differences, then we would have to acknowledge that men find it harder to say no to no-strings sex while women have more offers of sex than they would like to accept.

The problem with feminism is that it denies this self-evident truth, and uses all its legislative power to suppress the pointing out of this self-evident truth: that men are the weaker sex at saying no to no-strings sex.

For most women, sex is a chore while for most men it is a physical and all-consuming imperative.

If sex were a drug then men would be the user and women the dealer. The cancer of feminism is now so bone-deep that expecting the Western man to denounce feminism is like expecting a drug-addict to call the cops on his dealer. Ain't gonna happen.

And that is why Western civilisation is going down the toilet and just voting UKIP is not going to be enough because UKIP are too afraid even to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

What does the elephant in the room consist of?

  1. indiscriminate universal suffrage
  2. representative democracy when we should have a one-party state that protects the rights of its members operating under the principles of Secular Koranism
  3. anti-discrimination legislation
  4. no-fault divorce
  5. gay marriage
  6. the civil partnership
  7. the consecration of our right to have extramarital sex (which is dysgenic) and the desecration of the institution of marriage (which is eugenic)
  8. the powerlessness of our politicians hence their despicable cowardice and hypocrisy
  9. the existence of the welfare state - another sacred cow - which supports all of the above making governments borrow recklessly to keep the whole shebang going

The operation of democracy prevents these tragic and continuing errors from being corrected and we are heading towards the edge of the cliff like lemmings.  

Please help me save Western civilisation by discussing this with any woman intelligent enough to understand this, even if you think she will disagree, become offended and never speak to you again.  

This would be your wife who will divorce you under the ruinous terms of no fault divorce, your daughter who will never speak to you again, and your slut girlfriend who will dump you, right?  

Ain't gonna happen, I know.

And that is why Western civilisation is going down the toilet.  

Any civilisation in which the overwhelming majority of men are afraid of women and husbands afraid of wives to even discuss politics cannot survive, let alone prosper. 

Can you imagine David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg discussing any of this with their wives? Or even Barack Obama?

I rest my case and my case is not based on a conspiracy theory. Men really are stupid and women really are crazy. Women are crazy because men become stupid the moment they say it is OK for women to be sluts, and women go crazy when they get the go ahead to be sluts.

We are all to blame if we do not work up the courage to confront the perniciousness of feminism.

Remember: once upon a time, a Wise Man created God to protect himself from feminism and his susceptibility to sluts.

When Aristotle said that the greatest injustice was to treat unequal things equally, he meant feminism would be the greatest injustice, and feminism is a cancer, waiting in the wings for its cue, for the right conditions to makes its entrance, to thrive and flourish. and then eventually kill its host ...

Athens did not become successful despite its alleged misogyny but because of it, but you won't hear classical historians like Mary Beard saying this, even if she agreed, cos she would be out of her job and out on her ear.

Feminazis have been victimising Camille Paglia for decades for speaking the truth.

Why Claire Khaw does what she does

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

How Claire Khaw would have dealt with the Roger Bird affair if she had been UKIP leader

The suspended UKIP general secretary Roger Bird was noticed to have been pushing candidate Natasha Bolter for every winnable seat including, you guessed it, South Basildon and East Thurrock.

"While the NEC is satisfied that Roger Bird is not guilty of sexual harassment, it cannot be denied that he was guilty of a grave error of judgement in allowing his brain to fall out of his head and letting his sex organ take over his better judgement, and that is why he is being asked to leave his post.

Contrary to what Michael Crick said, Lisa Duffy will not be replacing Roger Bird. Women wield a disproportionate amount of power in UKIP and it is now time that this problem be addressed by not appointing a woman to any important post unless she is truly suited for the job.  

UKIP is not to be the party of window dressing and tokenism but hopes to be the party of genuine political talent of genuine principle known for behaving honourably towards party members and to the voting public.  

Vulnerable men in public life who can't say no to no-strings sex with sluts must be protected from neurotic and malicious sluts and UKIP will propose whatever that is necessary to protect vulnerable men in public life from neurotic and malicious reputation-damaging sluts by adopting the policy of slut-shaming.  

UKIP proposes the following slut-shaming measures:

  1. lashing Slut Single Mothers 100 times per illegitimate offspring
  2. lashing any man convicted of impregnating any Slut Single Mother 100 times per illegitimate offspring
  3. repealing the Equality Act 2010 in its entirety
  4. abolishing no fault divorce  

All the great institutions of state have now been colonised and conquered by feminazis and it is now time to tell that they are not wanted and that their time would be better spent making their husbands think that marrying them was not the greatest mistake they made in their lives and seeing to it that their children are a credit to them.  

If these feminazis are now too old, ugly and bitter for marriage they could start working in brothels that UKIP propose to legalise. Not all women working in brothels need necessarily be prostitutes since cleaners, beauticians, security guards, book-keepers, childminders of prostitute mothers, interior designers and other work related to brothel-keeping will be needed for this line of business. 

It is UKIP's patriotic intention to make Britain the Bangkok of the West and to see to it that the services of British prostitutes will be internationally renowned for their excellence and value for money."

To be fair to UKIP, I think even Roger Bird himself would be the first to admit that he made an error of judgement to go out of his way to prefer that malicious ex-Labour flake. For that he should have been punished in some way, but UKIP have decided to say that his behaviour did not compromise its candidate selection procedure when it undeniably did.

UKIP could easily have said:

"We find you not guilty of sexual harassment but guilty of compromising our strict candidate selection procedures whose rules you went out of your way to relax in favour of the sexual favours of the woman who betrayed you publicly and for whom you so foolishly harboured amorous intentions. In short, we find that you have made an egregious error of judgement and what happens to you now should be a warning to other men."

So perhaps in reputational terms he got off lightly.

One hopes that he has learned his lesson, and it is a lesson that any man should learn well to avoid being compromised by accepting sex by an apparently stupid woman lower in position and wealth.

Politics is like wading through poo in the dark not knowing how wide or how deep the river is. UKIP is not exactly stuffed with political talent and Roger who is more than presentable and is not to be compared with the likes of Kerry Smith.

UKIP should protect and nurture what little talent it has, not hang them out to try the moment the howling mob starts howling a little louder. The mob will only respect you if you defy it.

I like to think it is possible that Roger could still stand as a UKIP  PPC in May 2015 even though he has been made to fall on his sword on this matter when he allowed his judgement to be swayed by lust for a stupid, neurotic and malicious woman whom he is magnanimous and well brought-up enough to say a prayer for.

At any rate, no one can now accuse Roger of being racist!

Claire Khaw's advice to Rozanne Duncan expelled from UKIP for her allegedly "jaw-dropping" comments

Ms Duncan has been expelled by UKIP for "bringing the party into disrepute" but we still have no idea what she actually said and will not know what she said until the BBC documentary is finally broadcast in February 2015.

She was expelled on 20 December 2014 according to

One cannot help but think that it might prove to be a bit of an anti-climax since she must have known she was being interviewed by the Blibtard Broadcasting Corporation. Kerry Smith, the ex-UKIP PPC was made to resign after a telephone conversation he thought was private was leaked to the Mail.

This conversation was not leaked by UKIP's opponents but came from within UKIP itself the members of which are now ratting on each other in order to jockey for position to become PPCs in the hope of becoming MPs.

The power that be in UKIP are have decided that Rozanne Duncan be tried by media.

While no one has the faintest idea of what her "jaw-dropping" comments to the BBC were, everyone is now convinced that they were indeed "jaw-dropping".

No doubt when they are finally broadcast sometime in February 2015, jaws will all obediently drop, though it strikes me that they cannot be that bad if she knew she was being interviewed for the BBC and must have been watching her words if she had had her wits about her.

If UKIP are going to expel her for bringing the party into disrepute, then time should not begin to run until the day her allegedly "jaw-dropping" comments have been broadcast, and it should be from that date in February 2015 that the 28 days she has to appeal from her expulsion should run.

Even a careful reading of does not disclose a Rule 15 that she is alleged to have infringed at, since the UKIP constitution only goes as far as Rule 14.

She should inform UKIP as soon as possible that while she accepts it is theoretically possible for her to be found guilty of bringing the party into disrepute  - a very wide and vague catch-all accusation - none of this can be decided by UKIP until the British public has had a chance to react to what she actually said.

The only way of objectively measuring if she has brought the party into disrepute can be established only by the asking of these two questions in a YouGov poll.

  1. Are you considering or have you ever considered voting for UKIP in GE 2015?
  2. What has Rozanne Duncan's allegedly "jaw-dropping" comments had on your intention to vote UKIP? (a) No effect at all, I was never going to vote for that bunch of racists anyway. (b) They are so "jaw-dropping" they have made me decide not to even though I was planning to vote for them. (c) Those allegedly "jaw-dropping" comments have strengthened my resolve to vote UKIP.

At the moment it is the UKIP leadership itself bringing the party into disrepute by the way it has abused the rights of its members and then broadcasting this fact to the media.

I would actually be delighted to assist her and represent her in this regard since I find the lack of protection and due process all members of all parties suffer from disgraceful and corrupt.

Ukip have expelled a prominent local councillor who is understood to have links with a far-Right group, it emerged last night.

What does this mean exactly? I am sure she has never been a member of the BNP, unlike me. Perhaps she was once seen having a conversation with a BNP supporter? Who knows?

If this woman is going to be purged as being too plebeian and foot in the mouth to represent UKIP as PPC as Kerry Smith was, as many are about to, then let them be purged, but let there also be due process.

Winston McKenzie has also been suspended, not on grounds of his race as many would instantly assume but because he is not the brightest bulb in the box and because he is known for being more than a bit of a clown.

If UKIP expel her she can always jump ship to the BNP whom I am sure would receive her with open arms, but I hope she will dispute her expulsion for as long as possible when it has been done in such a disgracefully high-handed way that are clearly against the rules of natural justice as well as being dementedly illogical.

How on earth can this woman be said to have brought UKIP into disrepute by words said in an interview not yet broadcast when what she said has not been made public? 

Her expulsion cannot be said to take effect until that interview is broadcast and she cannot be said to have brought the party into disrepute until the YouGov poll I have proposed is conducted and the results disclosed. 

If UKIP have been brought into disrepute it is by the way its members are ratting on each other making true the observation that the people whom you should most fear in politics are the people who are supposed to be on your side.

If Jeremy Vine is a minor celebrity in his own right, his cheering on the defamation of Bill Cosby is like turkeys voting for Christmas

A lack of male solidarity will allow the matriarchy to pick out male celebrities one by one until men officially become second class citizens.

First they came for those falsely accused of paedophilia, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a man falsely accused of paedophilia.

Then they came for  those falsely accused of a historic sexual offence, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a a man falsely accused of a historic sexual offence.

Then they came for those falsely accused of rape, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a not a man falsely accused of rape.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

The feminazis are coming for you, one by one, and the rule of law is being salami-sliced away. Now, a husband has no right to have sex with his wife and his wife can retrospectively accuse him of rape even if she appeared to consent at the time.

Lord Justice Judge: Sex that began with the consent of your wife can be converted into a rape charge.

Husband barred from having sex with wife by judge

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Ekklesia asks who Jesus would shoot

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Feminist showing her capacity for unbiased rational thinking and grasp of detail

Eleanor De Freitas said to be in Ann Summers with alleged rapist shortly after alleged rape

"If I am I because you are you and you are you because I am I, then I am not I and you are not you."

Menachem Mendel of Kotzk:

"If I am I because I am I, and you are you because you are you, then I am I and you are you. But if I am I because you are you and you are you because I am I, then I am not I and you are not you!"

Most nationalists are nationalists not because they want to preserve their culture (because they have no culture apart from their pub/drug/pop/TV culture) but because they resent the idea of other cultures being practised by other races in their country.

None of these cultures stop them from doing what they like doing eg football, clubbing, porn, extramarital sex, Britain's Got Talent, X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, The Great British Bake Off, Big Brother etc, but that is not enough for them. They want other cultures to become like them, ie slut, bastard, paedo and NEET.

British culture is best described at Today's Britain: dipso, fatso, bingo, asbo, Tesco

As for high culture, such as theatre, opera, concerts etc, BNP-supporters don't do that sort of thing anyway, do they?

They hate Jews/Muslims/Asians because Jews/Muslims/Asians practice their religion and culture (which includes respecting the institutions of marriage and the family) enabling Jews/Muslims/Asians to become more prosperous and socially cohesive than they are, while they are too busy watching porn, fucking sluts, having illegitimate offspring, claiming welfare as well as blaming other cultures and races for their problems to put their own houses in order.

They are too thick to blame their own dysfunctional political system, their dysgenic welfare state and their own political establishment who are made up mostly of fools and knaves, perpetually frightened of alienating the slut vote and too cowardly or stupid to acknowledge the inevitable failure of representative democracy to correct past and continuing errors of domestic and foreign policy.

When you try to tell them what is wrong with their culture, political system, religion, and in particular their neurosis of being in thrall to the female vote, you will of course be denounced as an extremist, Islamist etc.

The lower the morals of women, the lower the morals of men.  

Or, even more infuriatingly, they will pretend not to know what you are on about.

I wish my Jewish readers - I am proud to say I know I have a few! - a Happy Hanukkah.

Whether we like it or not, Liberalism and Christianity is kaput and Islam - hopefully Secular Koranism - will replace it as surely as night follows day

Jews are known to be the most cohesive group simply because their religion makes them practice their culture

Because they are successful, they are resented.

The only way they can make themselves less hated is to promote Islam, paradoxically, because that would mean the abolition of usury - for usury is the means through which Jewish power is asserted in the West on and through Western governments.

When Secular Koranism is implemented, then everyone can live together happily ever after, even in Israel ...

Poodle walking and dressed as a girl

Whether we like it or not, Liberalism and Christianity is kaput and Islam will replace it as surely as night follows day

Secular Koranism explained

"You may wonder that the dollar's strength (lack of collapse) in the face of money printing and ever expanding debt accumulation is as a consequence of underlying US economic strength or huge amounts of (Invisible) gold reserves at Fort Knox. The real reason why the US is able to get sway with printing unlimited amounts of money is the US Military, as the US remains the worlds sole hyper military power following the collapse of the soviet union and increasingly relies on global military power to back up the dollar as the worlds primary means of exchange, as any country that chooses not to comply will likely be on the receiving end of a 1000 tomahawk cruise missiles as Libya is experiencing today or even worse as Iraq has experienced during the past 8 years."