Sunday, 19 January 2014

Battle of the sexes taking place in the LibDems. May the best man win.

This story highlights exactly why there should be honour amongst thieves and why most women shouldn't be in politics.

Women who cannot fend off unwanted male attentions without crying about it decades later demanding vengeance really should not be in politics.

Men like Nick Clegg who cannot grasp the principle that no man should be convicted of a crime without a fair trial should not be in politics either.

If Lord Rennard has not been convicted of any crime then he should not have to apologise for anything.

It heaps even greater contempt on an already discredited political class.

Not only unprincipled, but stupid as well as ignorant of the most fundamental principle that you would have thought a liberal politician would uphold: the right to a fair trial.

What a pity that the manginas in the LibDems cannot see this, but perhaps this is not too surprising since Nick Clegg is the No 1 Mangina of Britain.

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NorthernLight said...

Nick Clegg is a henpecked husband, the sort of pathetic man who allows a woman to jam her stiletto heel into his back while he simpers, "I love women". He's a mangina because it means he might not get horse-whipped at home; he wasn't so gallant while boasting about the thirty notches on his bedpost - no "soulful" gazing or bleeding in sympathy then. What a creep.