Thursday, 2 January 2014

British men have been useless for 39 years

British men have been useless for 39 years.  This was what I thought when I read that Margaret Thaqtcher has been voted the best modern PM in a University of London poll.

While I admired this woman for what she achieved, the fact is that the matriarchy set in the moment she became leader of the Conservative Party.

Why were there no men in the Conservative Party capable of doing what she did?

The matriarchy is not so much about the equality of women but the uselessness of men, and British men were already useless in 1975, which was when Thatcher became leader.

2014 - 1975 = 39

British men have been useless for 39 years now, folks.  2014 is surely time to pull your finger out, guys!

One of the worst things Maggie did was to establish the Child Support Agency, which basically bailed out feckless and promiscuous women by in effect imposing a forced marriage on any man who impregnates a slut who becomes an SSM.  He is deemed to want to support her illegitimate child and want to be its daddy when all he did was accept the cheap to free slut sex she was offering him.  Can it really be supposed that all man who have sex with women not their wives want to marry them eventually or make babies with them?

If this fiction is imputed into every ejaculation that impregnates any spinster, then it is not surprising that the British are getting stupider and stupider and more and more degenerate.

The best way of preventing more sluts from becoming SSMs is to declare that no man shall be obliged to support the children of any woman not his wife.  This would be the only way of encouraging women make more rational reproductive choices.

The fact that the British had a female PM made everyone think it was OK for women to become political leaders of their nations.

Ask Filipinos what they think of their female Presidents. Some of them have suggested that it ought to be written into the constitution that no President of the Philippines shall be female, because all the ones they have had were infamous for their incompetence and indecisiveness.


Keith said...

The loss of many factory jobs also contributed to the uselessness of men.

Claire Khaw said...

The British labour force now consists of women in the workplace and immigrant labour - both have contributed to the loss of masculine and parental authority.

snork maiden said...

The Victorians implemented a similar approach to the one you suggest:

If you can't be arsed to read through the link the gist is that in order to discourage illegitimacy the law absolved men off all responsibility for their illegitimate offspring, while stigmatizing the mothers to the extent that illegitimate children were excluded from many orphanages and the mothers denied employment, apart from perhaps prostitution.

The result of all this? A widespread epidemic of infanticide. Though from some of your previous opinions on record, I gather you would prefer that to women being able to claim support from the men who choose to have sex without protection?

Let me guess, your response will be to suggest all women who get pregnant out of wedlock should have abortions?

I take it you didn't enjoy the film version of 'Les Miserables'?

Claire Khaw said...

If you lash SSMs 100 times per illegitimate offspring IN PUBLIC, the message will get through, and in time fewer and fewer women will be sluts, and fewer sluts become SSMs.

The whole point of respecting marriage is to privilege the mothers of legitimate children over the mothers of illegitimate children.

The widespread infanticide you mention did not bring about the end of the British people, so no harm done really.

I am neutral about abortion and would certainly not ban it, but it must *not* be given free on the NHS.

I loved Les Miserables! So moving.

snork maiden said...

You mean you didn't scream 'DIE SLUT DIE!' when Fantine was singing 'I Dreamed a Dream'? Or did you regard that part of the story as a cautionary tale?

Claire Khaw said...

I found the song deeply moving.

snork maiden said...

You find it moving when a fictional woman sings about the misery of being thrown away by the man she loved who left her with a child to raise in a society that scorns fallen women, yet you'd merrily pitch real women into the gutter who suffered the same fate? Interesting.

Claire Khaw said...

It is the only language the stupid, immoral and feckless understand, I am afraid.