Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Free legal advice for Lord Rennard

Do not seek an injunction to restrain the LibDems from behaving illegally, Lord Rennard.

What you should do is allow the LibDems to get as much rope they need to hang themselves.

What they have done is behave with manifest unfairness and trample over long-established legal principles of

  1. the right to be treated as innocent till proven guilty
  2. retrospective legislation being vindictive and arbitrary as well as going against the Rule of Law
  3. double jeopardy

Just let them do it and even expel you, which they will.  Can there be any doubt about what the LibDems will decide when they "investigate" whether you have brought the party into disrepute?

I shall certainly be appealing against the refusal to grant me permission to seek judicial review at the Court of Appeal,  paving the way for you and others like you, who will - should this application succeed - give politicians a legal remedy when their rights are routinely abused by their leader and their party.   

Once I receive the judgment it will be straight to the Court of Appeal with this on whether a political party is amenable to judicial review.

Do not compromise, because yours is the worst case of member abuse I have ever heard, ever, if you don't count actually physically assaulting and murdering party members.

If you compromise, you will have given back party leaders carte blanche to piss and shit all over members and activists.  

Your career with the LibDems is now over, but you can still make a political point by refusing to back down.

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