Thursday, 2 January 2014

An electoral strategy to defeat the matriarchy and bring back the patriarchy

In my opinion, my ethological analysis of the degradation of the Western male, who are all omega males because they are afraid of offending their omega females, is a useful and sticky idea. It adequately explains why foreign men come to the West to exploit the West's welfare benefits and its easy women under the very noses of angry white men who remain impotent and afraid of pointing to the cause of their degeneracy: the promiscuous woman whom they love to fuck. Cheap slut sex is the opium of the men in a matriarchy. This is further explained at

Women basically have two kinds of allies in men:

(1) Married and marriageable men who want to keep the price of sex high and who want to respect marriage and who care about the long term national interest. These men would tend to be the ones who have already done the right thing, ie got married, stay married and have legitimate offspring.

(2) MCSFs (Morally-Compromised Slut-Fuckers) These are men mostly unmariageable and understandably want to keep the price of sex low and who want to protect the slut because the slut is their only source of sex, after which they only have the option of prostitutes, adultery, sodomy, incest, paedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia and masturbation as a last resort.

It would actually be quite easy to discredit and dismiss the views of men in the second category.

Why should we allow Western civilisation to be destroyed by the moral corruption of sluts, SSMs and MCSFs, ie those who indulge in extramarital sex and who have no intention of adding to the social and demographic capital of the nation either because they do not wish to, or will never be given the opportunity to do so because they are poor specimens of masculinity and also financially incapable of attracting and retaining the interest of a rational and moral woman?

As for the female voters that leaders of political parties are so afraid to alienate, they are easy to divide and rule.  Basically, all the political establishment has to do is divide female voters into mothers and non-mothers and ask the mothers if they would rather have the option of being housewives and mothers instead of being forced to work.  Most women only work because they have to, and would be quite happy to give up work.

As for the non-mothers, who have not so far contributed to the rearing of the next generation, their selfish and self-serving views can easily be ignored and dismissed too.

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