Friday, 24 January 2014

Whom do you think would be more upset in the Lord Rennard affair?

In the Lord Rennard affair, whom do you think would be more upset?

  • The Lib Dem women and their running dogs complaining about Lord Rennard
  • Lord Rennard

Of course, the blatant betrayal of this activist is counted for absolutely nothing.  The women are upset claiming they were groped years ago, and the man accused must be punished, whether it can be established beyond reasonable doubt that he is.  How liberal is this of the Liberal Democrats?  Have you noticed that these women and Nick Clegg don't care

Is Nick Clegg a fair representation of the moral quality of man that emerges from Westminister School these days?  If so parents might as well save their money and send their sons to the local comp instead.   

Let me say this, appeasing these women would have worse consequences than appeasing Hitler.  Hitler would have stopped at France before going East, and then invited Britain into the New World Order of Pax Britannia et Germania. The women make clear that they wish to do away with following hard-won but established principles that protect us against tyranny:

  1. the rule against retrospective legislation because it retrospectively criminalises something that was not a crime at the time it was committed  
  2. double jeopardy
  3. the right to be treated as innocent till found guilty after a fair trial

If I were a man I would be very worried indeed.  After all, there is no telling what kind of malicious and false accusations that could be made against you years after the alleged event, once you become rich and famous, is there?  Does Operation Yew Tree ring any alarm bells?  

The Lord Rennard affair has wider significance than just the LibDems, and it is hoped that Lord Rennard will not weaken in his resolve to seek a legal remedy to this spectacular betrayal of a loyal party activist and benefactor at the behest of a few mediocre and malicious women.  

If this is not evidence that most women are not fit for politics, I really do not know what is.  If this is not an argument that women should henceforth have their influence in politics sharply limited, I do not know what is. 

How odd that no one gets this or is prepared to make this point.  If the leftist female-dominated media won't make this point because they are an amoral tribe of wailing banshees with no sense of fairness and justice, and the men are too afraid to offend them, then this point must be pursued vigorously in the courts.

If the feelings of this man is to be dismissed as nothing by everyone, then worse acts of betrayal and abuse of party activists will be treated with equal indifference.  

If this continues to happen, the already small and shallow puddle of political talent will become even smaller and shallower, and will soon dry up altogether.  

Let us hope that the British judiciary still works well enough to address such matters of manifest injustice, and will be called upon to do so, even as everyone else's marbles are rolling around the floor.  

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