Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A professional philosophers' club

What would the rules be?

  1. An obligation to defend your ideas and arguments as and when required to so by another member
  2. An obligation to defend your ideas and arguments on social media when challenged by members of the public
  3. An obligation to comment on politics

Roger Scruton - the only Conservative philosopher in Britain who is still alive - is clearly too old and doddery to do any of those things.

If you like the idea, whether or not you are academic philosopher, get in touch.  If you want it to happen, we need to organise.  There could even be money and prestige in this.

In the meantime, join so we can see how we like each other.

Roger Scruton holds the monopoly on British Conservatism.  If he chooses not to discuss something with you, he will simply refuse to engage, so he cannot be said to have lost an argument.  In this way do the arrogant claim their apparently supremacy.  This is a tactic commonly employed by the Liberal Left too, and they get away with it, so far.

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