Sunday, 16 February 2014

Are Google employees deliberately mocking heterosexuals?


Facebook friend:

"This is what you will find when you type in Google searchbar "heterosexuals are" (without quotation marks) and check out the search drop down menu suggestions. Do the same with "homosexuals are' and nothing happens. A suspicious mind might think that the homo employees at Google are manipulating their search engine solely to insult, deride and 'have fun' at the expense of NORMAL heterosexual people."

What do you think, dear reader?

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Google is gay! said...

Oh my God you are right!!!!!!, I just tried this for myself.

I did a search with another engine and found these -

Google Launches Campaign to Force Global Tolerance of Homosexuality

Google to Pay Homosexual Staff More than Heterosexual Employees

And google has the front to complain about internet censorship !!!!!