Thursday, 6 February 2014

Liberal-Feminist Theologian Linda Woodhead and her associates sneer at the idea of the Anglican Church promoting non-liberal morality

Surprise, surprise: Abrahamic faiths are in fact "homophobic" and "sexist".

Oh, and the Church is morbidly feminised.

Islam  is the only refuge now for men who wish to remain men, I am afraid to say, or else it is Big Sister making stale allegations of sexual impropriety decades later, or of rape, and her stiletto stamping on the face of the beta male, forever.

Middle class liberal women don't get the BNP and never ever want to.  The BNP are full of beta-omega males whom these women utterly despise.  Women actually regard a man they regard as beneath them who are their own race with even more horror and disgust than the idea of copulating with men of another race.

Sally Bercow, the Speaker's wife deep-kissing an unidentified man of another race

Men are endogamous and women exogamous.

All their needs are looked after at the expense of beta males, and all males in Britain are beta males in a matriarchy.  This is what the matriarchy will continue to ensure is done, if it is allowed to survive.

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