Monday, 10 February 2014

If God is angry with Gay Britain, why risk enraging him further by sending a gay lord to deal with the floods?

Can the British really expect the weather to improve now?

If we are not careful He will do something even worse.

Sluts, SSMs, LGBTs and MCSFs drowning in the next Great Flood when God washes away our sins?

Environmental Agency Chief Lord Smith - openly gay since 1984 and officially HIV positive since 2005,_Baron_Smith_of_Finsbury

David Silvester - a prophet of our times?

If God exists and is indeed omnipotent and perfectly moral as those who believe in Him claim to be, why would he not punish Gay Britain, which is 99.5% gay?

Even David Cameron described the floods as a "biblical scene".

I am sure the weather would improve if it were put to Lord Smith that it would be better if he resigned.

If that does not work we could attempt the solution at


Anonymous said...

Considering the weather is getting worse and worse every day shouldn't we be seriously thinking about making sacrifice to God to appease him? Disembowelling Cameron on the altar at Westminster Abbey might be a start to our deliverance.

Claire Khaw said...

My rather more modest proposal can be found at