Saturday, 1 February 2014

If I were Amanda Knox I would go back to Italy

If I didn't the whole thing would hang over me forever and blight my life anyway, with horrible children whispering about me and nudging each other whenever they saw me.  

I would also have to deal with lots of offers from pervy men wanting to have sex with me solely because of my notoriety.  No one sane or decent would want to marry me anyway with all this hanging over me.

If I went back I would really suck up to the Italians about how much faith I had in their legal system as well as the impartiality and justice of their judges.

I would say I loved Italy so much that even spending time inside would be an honour, pleasure and a privilege.

I would relish the opportunity of improving my Italian and meeting more lovely Italian people, even if they will be mostly convicts, lawyers and screws.

I would also like my legal team to introduce to the Italian justice system the idea of only finding someone guilty of a crime if they are sure BEYOND ALL REASONABLE DOUBT that I did do it. Are these judges really sure beyond all reasonable doubt that I did do it?  They have already convicted her rapist and murderer, after all.  If they think my boyfriend and I were in cahoots with Guede to rape and murder Meredith they really should come up with more compelling evidence.

Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in prison.  What great work of literature might I not be capable of?

Can I do a degree in Italian literature while doing time, I wonder.

I would do it out of respect for Meredith's family too and respect for my own parents who must be getting sick of the notoriety of their daughter.


snork maiden said...

So, if a child of yours was wanted in another country for a crime you believed them innocent of, you'd want them to go there and face jail because the scandal was getting on your nerves?

I have no idea if Knox is guilty or not, but I do know she was ill served by the Italian justice system, I don't blame her for fighting extradition.

Claire Khaw said...

I would do the same thing myself.