Thursday, 6 February 2014

Left-wing Liberal Theologians subvert Christian morality after colonising Church of England

Listen to this anodyne discussion with undefined terms.  Are those two even Christians?  Is Adam Dinham gay?

It strikes me that the more devolved structure of Islam gives it the diversity it requires to survive.  If you get one it does not mean you get them all.  Islam is analogous to a school of fish while the Catholic and Anglican Church is a whale.  A centralised hierarchical structure means that once the rot has set in, the whole structure will rot if allowed to spread.

Man created God to protect him from the promiscuous, stupid and irresponsible woman.

Men are the weaker sex when it come to saying no to no-strings sex.

Women are always more tolerant of homosexuality than men.

The Church of England has been colonised by the Left, no doubt about it.

Islam is as devolved as there are people prepared to promote their own particular interpretation of the Koran.

The PC Liberal Feminist Atheist UN has got the Catholic Church by the short and curlies, and the most powerful secular matriarchal organisation has declared war on the most powerful religious patriarchal organisation, and is telling it that secular governments in the West (who are secular liberal and matriarchal) will no longer protect it from false accusations by a forensic examination of evidence, but will treat all accusations as evidence of guilt.  No Catholic clergy is now safe anywhere in the world.

If you want a vision of the future under Big Sister, imagine a stiletto stamping on the face of a man, forever.

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