Sunday, 16 February 2014

Nationalists all out of ideas, except for you know who

Kevin Scott  2204  15/2/2014
Still room for genuine nationalism in my opinion rather than a neo-Tory fake.

CK  2212  15/2/2014
How long did it take UKIP to get where it is today?  If BNP eclipsed by UKIP then BDP eclipsed by BNP eclipsed by UKIP.  The work to be done in nationalism is ideological ie persuading ethno-nationalists to adopt a civic nationalist strategy and becoming exclusively and officially civic nationalist.  Sadly for nationalism no one will explore this idea.

Kevin Scott 2216  15/2/2014
Because it means accepting millions of alien immigrants as British English which they are not and never will be.

CK 2219  15/2/2014
Are you familiar with the police race codes IC1-6?  You could use those.  English/Welsh etc IC1-6.

Kevin Scott  2225  15/2/2014
Why pander to corrupt state labels.  You can if you want but count me out.

CK  2234  15/2/2014
How long have you been an activist?  How old are you??  Don't you know politics is a dirty business and that you have to wade through poo to get where you want?  Not even saying we should tell lies, just say the politically acceptable thing without betraying our principles.  Time to stop looking stupid, bitter angry and hopeless for a change!  UKIP won't propose repealing the Equality Act 2010, did you know that?
Kevin Scott  2240  15/2/2014
Agreed and I am happy to vote UKIP in the short term but I wouldn't join them at any price.

CK  2341  15/2/2014
They wouldn't have you anyway. What would you do if you were leader of the BNP?

Kevin Scott  2246  15/2/2014

CK  2357  15/2/2014
If the BDP was as big as the BNP, what would it do?

Kevin Scott  2314  15/2/2014
Not stand in elections.  It can't win.

CK  2321  16/2/2014
Can you tell me something you would do?  Or are you saying nationalist parties have no role to play and no reason to exist?

CK  2342  15/2/2014
Huh!  If you have no use for the BDP any more then you should just hand it over to me, and I will show you all how it is done!

Kevin Scott 0922  16/2/2014
Go home.

CK  0924  16/2/2014
Can you tell me something you would do?  Or are you saying nationalist parties have no role to play and no reason to exist?

Kevin Scott  0925  16/2/2014
Define the basis of nationalism and nations.

CK  0930  16/2/2014
Nationalism = promoting the national interest

The Nation = a geographical entity with borders and a distinct legal system.

Who belongs to the nation?  Anyone deemed to be a citizen.

Kevin Scott  0935  16/2/2014
You should join the LibDems instead if you think nationalism is that nonsense.

CK  0936  17/2/2014
Why do you want nationalism to mean racism?

CK  0937  17/2/2014
You define the basis of nationalism then.

CK  0939  16/2/2014
LibDems do not even mention the national interest.  They are only interested in promoting liberalism, socialism and democracy.

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