Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Far Right never "collapsed". Its house never got built.

Who are the "Far Right"?

They are the people who cannot make sense of the sentence "Ethno-nationalists must adopt a civic nationalist strategy to acquire electoral respectability."

It genuinely does not compute with them, and their leader is too afraid or apathetic to explain it to them for fear of being accused of being a "race traitor".

These ideas are too abstract for them, you see.

The Right did not collapse. It was just never had the wherewithal to succeed: a weak and cowardly leader whose only concern is to remain leader at all costs in order to continue exploiting its stupid members who cannot see the point of adopting a civic nationalist strategy because they are mostly mostly uneducated members of the lower classes who are universally despised.  They are also labouring under the misapprehension that political activism is being rude about Muslims, Jews and other races.

These uneducated lower class people can only see political activism in terms of street activism during which they show the world how ugly, lower class, badly-dressed, badly-behaved and stupid they are.

When these demos fail utterly to bring public opinion on their side, they blame the "Jew-controlled media".

That is the sum total of what passes for "strategy" in the Far Right.  Most of them don't even know why they are so despised.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but civic nationalism would defeat the purpose of the far right's true ideological aims, which are to create an all-white society through the forced repatriation of all non-white people. This, at least, is the case for political parties like the National Front. The BNP are slightly more moderate than that.

A major problem with the National Front, and also to a large extent the BNP as well, is that these groups have an image problem. Yes, they are lower class, and yes, they are hated and despised by many people. It should be no suprise that a bunch of drunk, scruffy, mostly male, mostly lower class, angry racists are viewed as pathetic losers.

There is no doubt about the fact that some people who have these kind of views are morons. On the other hand, there are some really quite intelligent people in far right politics as well.

Claire Khaw said...

I know there are intelligent people in the Far Right, but they have no leadership qualities, no leadership aspirations, no imagination and they don't trust each other either.

I don't even particularly want to do it myself, but I just can't stand the way they keep shooting themselves in the foot and putting their bleeding bloody foot into their mouths.

I am reminded of the time when I saw an urban fox cub trying to get at the pizza in a box it was standing on.

Claire Khaw said...

It saddens me that because the "Far Right" are such a despicably low bunch, it means everything they stand for is discredited.

The "Far Right" are of course the only indigenous force of social conservatism left in this country.

They only other source of social conservatism comes from Islam.

I am excluded from all these groups because my anti-feminist and anti-SSM message is disliked by their organisers, and of course it is easy for them to discredit me. Refusing to engage in anything that passes for rational debate is their most effective tactic. This tactic is also employed by the Liberal Left. "If you do not fight, you cannot lose", seems to be their modus operandi.

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing is that at least historically speaking, authors who advocated far-right views, like Lothrop Stoddard or Anthony M. Ludovici for example, did not fit the stereotype of drunk moronic hooligan in any way; rather they were more like refined, educated gentlemen.

The left just wants to go further and further and destroy any remaining vestiges of social conservatism amongst white people anywhere. Nothing can ever be good enough for these so-called progressives. Despite the existence of harsh anti-gay laws in many countries inhabited by black and brown people, the left is currently having a go at Vladimir Putin for his alleged homophobia, for passing a law which is not particularly dissimilar from the Section 28 legislation passed by the Tory party in the UK during the 1980s. The left would rather castigate Russia for having a law against teaching homosexuality to children, than focus on non-white countries who execute those who engage in homosexual acts.

Non-white people, and especially black and brown people, are held in very high regard by effeminate lefties who belittle and sneer at working-class white people, which is ironic considering the original focus of left-wing ideology was workerism, which explains why those communities in the UK which were most badly affected by the closure of heavy industry during the twentieth century (such as the coal mining areas of South Wales as well as Fife in Scotland, or the ship building areas on the River Clyde in Scotland) have always attracted a strong left-wing vote and that remains the case until this day. Such areas' support for left-wing politics has little to do with support for multiculturalism and everything to do with support for workers.

Claire Khaw said...

New Labour has now been colonised by middle class trendies.

Social conservatism can only survive in a one-party state.

Sadly for the benighted proletariat, they will not see that it is social conservatism that protects them from degeneracy, immigration and feminism.

Anonymous said...

I know I mentioned major ex-industrial areas in Wales and Scotland that have a strong left-wing vote, but I neglected to mention the fact that the North of England has plenty of similar ex-industrial areas as well.

These areas are amongst the worst for, well, the worst traits of the British lower class. You can call someone a white cider-drinking, Richmond-smoking, JobCentre-scrounging piece of Jeremy Kyle material as much as you like, but the bad habits of the proletariat in this country have been exascerbated by the lack of opportunities here.

There are many parts of the UK that have got absolutely nothing going for them. You should visit the town of Methil in Scotland to see what a community destroyed by the lack of opportunity looks like. I'm sure you'll find plenty of SSMs there, but probably not too much support for racist policies.