Monday, 10 February 2014

What is feminism? A Libertarian Facebook friend demonstrates the link between Feminism, Consumerism and the Worship of Mammon

What is Feminism? It is a war on men, but then everyone knows this. But what is the mechanism by which feminism wages this war?

In short, the feminist movement is all about making the woman the greatest prize for men thereby getting at male resources. It’s nothing but a huge con to steal our money, time, and our independence; a wealth transfer machine.

A man's status in our modern world is measured by how attractive he is to women. Men are forced to compete to bed these women, buy them dinners and gifts just to have the hope of getting their vagina. Before this no one cared if a man was a virgin or if he had 2 dozen conquests; men stayed virgins (officially anyway) until marriage or simply abstained from women altogether.

People today actually use "virgin" as a sort of slur against guys; if you do not bed a couple dozen women in your twenties, you are seen as a loser; but lifelong virgins (or at least ascetics) may actually be the smartest guys around.

This is not how it used to be. Let’s think about the pre-feminist times and what society was based on: the traditional family. It used to be that men did not compete for women (arranged marriages and traditional ways of wooing a woman were not conducive to this) and women did not have the expectations drilled into them that they are the queen bee and men work for them. Additionally, going to a brothel to satisfy your urges wasn’t so looked down upon. It was a time when sex did not define anyone, and was treated simply as a normal biological activity, not something that defined one as a man. Additionally, castigating sex workers is also part of this feminist disease and meant to give control to women by shaming men into bedding "legitimate" women who are the beneficiaries of the wealth transfer.

The male is the engine and the gun. The State wants to harness him as the engine or a gun, and avoid him being an unharnessed gun (physically or intellectually); and actually where now we have professional armies, the aggressiveness and assertiveness of men is no longer useful and therefore a threat that must be wiped out. Women have two roles here: as the bait that hooks men so they can be harnessed and the one who pushes for more harnessing. Feminism needs a large state; it cannot survive in anarchy because women simply cannot compete with men. And a large state needs consumption which benefits women in the support of a huge coercive institution on the macro level, and benefits them on the individual/micro level as the ones who get the resources created by male labor. Once they have us hooked, we work to consume. We think of consuming, we pride ourselves on consuming and we pride ourselves on how much life and energy we bled out pursuing things and women.

But consumption for the immediate now is very different from the investment you make in children: one pays off the other is a total waste of your life. It also changes one's thinking, from the long-term to the immediate and hence to immediate consumption of trinkets instead of long term investments. Consumption is the focal point of Keynesian and neo-Keynesian economics that justify the State meddling in all spheres of our lives.

So the traditional family and its values had to be destroyed; sex had to become a wealth transfer mechanism, almost totally; and we are now in love with vaginal sneezing. But we don’t see that this pursuit of the vaginal sneeze makes us into oxen, not men.

I wrote about the inflationary debasement of the female through free sex. This is the unforeseen consequences that feminist unleashed. While they succeeded in driving consumption and transferring wealth to themselves, they did not see that their sexual liberation would make them little but objects for men; they got our money but they lost any shred of our respect and love. We see them now as cars, yachts, iPods or designer shoes (or more often as cheap consumer goods) and not partners for life. And no matter what the Gender warriors say, women are not like men; they need emotional engagement from men. The result has been tragic: sad women with more stuff, but with male partners who see them as objects. We are both slaves to sex, to mere physical pleasure and devoted to nothing more than transient, intermittent peaks of physical stimulation.

The feminist world is a shell.

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