Sunday, 16 February 2014

Who are the pornocracy who rule Britain?

The pornocracy promote promiscuity.

Who discourages promiscuity in Britain?  No one at all.

Out of male MPs only 48% voted for gay marriage, less than half of them.

But out of the female MPs an overwhelming 83% voted for gay marriage.

These disgusting women are the pornocracy of course, and they wield a disproportionate amount of power and pull the strings of their compliant puppet husbands.

Who are the members of this Pornocracy?

Sam Cam showing a hint of her underwear

Sally Bercow the Speaker's wife deep kissing a black man in a night club

What is the sinister agenda of these immoral women?

The Prime Minister's wife and her clique presume to formulate UK foreign policy too.

The Pornocratic Sisterhood rumoured to formulate Cameron's foreign policy

This pornocratic prison manager should be lashed 100 times per act of copulation.

Teresa Rodrigues, spent much of her time during the prison relationship with  inmate in his cell

Should they and their husbands be shooed out of public life as soon as possible before God zaps us again?

Affluence over an extended period -> 

Arrogance -> 

Corruption among masses ->  

Corrupt Leadership -> 

the Social Laws abandoned -> eg gay marriage, SSMs, house-husbands, no-fault divorce the norm, 

Increase in Poverty ->  

The Fall of the Civilization. A civilisation takes centuries to fall.

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Anonymous said...

In that pose, the Prime Minister's wife looks like she could be a MILF porn star.