Thursday, 13 February 2014

Why an atheist advocates a theocracy

This was the most infuriatingly vacuous discussion I have ever heard on Radio 3, and I was beside myself with exasperation.

Below are the points I would have made, if I had been in the place of that doddery old coot Roger Scruton, who is so boring and dreary that he utterly discredits social conservatism.

1.  Religion is another word for STATE IDEOLOGY.

2.  State ideology is also capable of making you make sacrifices in the name of the state, including sacrificing your property and life.

3.  State ideology does not have to have a deity.

4.  Nazism, Fascism, Liberalism, Socialism, Communism are state ideologies.

5.  The West is as Christian as a skeleton used to be human.

6.  The Church in the West has been fatally infiltrated by the Left, feminists and homosexuals.

7.  Because the Church has been infiltrated by subversive elements, it is no longer fit for purpose.

8.  PC Liberalism is our religion and our state ideology because its principles are supported by legislation.

9.  The Archbishop of Canterbury is a Creature of the State.

10.  The Anglican Church was created in order to be a Creature of the State.

11.  The Catholic Church was the predecessor to the EU.

12.  The purpose of the Church was to maintain morality.

13.  You are not really being Christian if your corrupt clergy preach principles which are contrary to the Bible, which is what Anglican clergy do ALL THE TIME EVERY DAY AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY.

14.  The closest thing to Biblical teachings we can find in this country are found in the Koran.

15.  Abrahamic morality is about being "sexist" and "homophobic".

16.  Feminism is the antithesis of the patriarchy.

17.  The patriarchy can only be supported by marriage.

18.  Feminism undermines marriage.

19.  Undermining marriage means undermining the family, which impoverishes and weakens the individual and society.

20.  The purpose of morality is to make your society more cohesive and give your nation and civilisation greater longevity than it otherwise would have without morality.

21.  Liberal "morality" which is the opposite of being sexist or homophobic and is the antithesis of slut-shaming - has as its chief deity that of Free Love, or the idea that consenting sex between adults is OK.

22.   This idea that sex between consenting adults is OK has in fact been responsible for the fall of the West.

23.  To defeat feminism, all that is required is that legislation which protects it is repealed viz Equality Act 2010.

24.  Once women cannot unfairly compete against men and take their jobs, they would have to go back into the home and kitchen and be housewives.

25.  When women do the work they are meant to do, society will be more ordered and more efficient.

26.   While religion exhorts us to be moral, it is the law that limits our immorality.

27.  Only Islam understands that our laws should reflect our religion, which is what shapes our morality.

28.   Sexual morality ie not having sex with anyone not your spouse, is directly related to respecting the institution of marriage.

29.  Only a general belief in God would make most people in society respect marriage.

30.   Islam is the only active force for social conservatism left in this country.

31.   Islam is more powerful than the BNP who are without intellectual, moral or political respectability.

32.   Although moist BNP members and supporters are instinctively socially conservative, the majority of its members are now perceived as degenerate and lower class.  This means Nick Griffin, who is a public schoolboy, will always reign supreme in a party of plebs.  Because Nick Griffin refuses to support marriage and prefers to go on about the Muslims and the Jews because he wishes to pander to the lowest common denominator of his membership, this means they can never hope to acquire the necessary moral authority to change enough voters' minds to be in a position of influence.  Not enough voters can be persuaded to vote for a party of pariahs and plebs, NEETs and CHAVs, sluts and bastards.  Nationalism can never win, and Nick Griffin is not interested in an image makeover of nationalism. If he attracted professional and competent people to the party, they might want to become leader too, and that would never do.

33.  Philosophers have been asking themselves the wrong question.

34.  The question philosophers should have been asking is not whether God exists, but whether belief in God is useful to atheists.

35.  It is not hard to demonstrate that a society whose members mostly believe in God and who live under a Koranic theocracy would have a lower crime rate, lower taxes and fewer laws than we have now, which are self-evidently useful to an atheist.

36.  Only a one-party theocracy would have the ability to remoralise the nation and perpetuate itself.

37.  Respecting marriage, social conservatism etc is BORING and the tendency is to backslide and cheat.

38.   Because cheating and backsliding is inevitable, laws need to be in place to encourage moral behaviour and discourage immoral behaviour.

39.   God is an instrument of government.

40.   God is an infinite resource of government.

41.   Only ignorant and arrogant atheist liberals would disdain to use God as an infinitely resourceful instrument of government.

43.   Man created God to protect him from the promiscuous woman.

44.   Man should have the humility to acknowledge his own weakness for the weaker sex and invoke the protection of God, which he has the power to resurrect by an act of will.

45.   Feminism and atheism are the sworn enemies of the patriarchy.

46.   The patriarchy can only be perpetuated by a theocracy.

47.   Marriage is the only way we can pass our traditions and accumulated knowledge and wisdom on to the next generation.

48.  By practising marriage we are building on the achievements of the past.

49.  By not practising marriage we are dissipating the achievements of our ancestors and halving the intellectual, economic and cultural inheritance of our illegitimate offspring.

50.  The patriarchy is clearly the lesser evil.

  1. I have to remember that the people I am addressing - the political establishment - are overwhelmingly atheist and liberal.
  2. It is just my little theory of God and how He came to be created by wise men.
  3. GAH!!!!! Get that Roger Scruton off!!!!! Doddering old coot.
  4. Religion is STATE IDEOLOGY. Religion is STATE IDEOLOGY. Religion is STATE IDEOLOGY. Religion is STATE IDEOLOGY.
  5. Why does that boring man Roger Scruton have the monopoly on being Conservative philosopher when I could do it so much better?
  6. Why oh why or why is Roger Scruton boring everyone to death with his waffle when I can explain it so much better????
  7. God is an idea and an idea cannot die. Bloody idiot philosophers on talking CRAP.
  8. Idiot can't grasp culture is religion and religion - another word for STATE IDEOLOGY - is what the law encourages and forbids.
  9. PC Liberalism is the antithesis of the patriarchy and Abrahamic morality.
  10. Listen, , religion is just another word for STATE IDEOLOGY. Western religion is not Christianity but PC Liberalism.
  11. I should have been invited to discuss Atheism and Belief on so I can explain properly the link between religion and morality.
  12. Infuriating discussion on Atheism and Belief on with no mention of morality.


Anonymous said...

Democracy and atheism are state ideologies

Claire Khaw said...

I know democracy and atheism are state ideologies, but I am saying they have failed.