Sunday, 16 March 2014

Over two hours of David Jones, Council Candidate of Todmorden

At the 116th minute he talks about me and calls me a "Chinese Revisionist", whatever that means.

Below is a blow by blow account of our break up.

I used to have convos with him like that when we were on good terms and am delighted he has found another outlet.

Dave with beer and baccy


  • Meow Zedong I used to be a radio producer. This isn't as sloppy as a lot of amatuer shows I've heard. The host sounds like a pro and keeps it together, Dave doesn't talk over him.

    The biggest problem is that Dave doesn't seem to have anything to say. He says "y'know" every other word, gets basic facts wrong (saying Respect is an "Islamic Marxist party" - it's neither) and is dull when talking about local ruralfuck politics.

    Whenever he talked about history I got the feeling that he only knew one fact about whichever subject it was and then quickly moved on. He didn't put things into the context of the times and didn't say why it was relevant to the current situation. He changed the subject as soon as he was asked about Serbia.

    He should have made a written list of the points he wanted to make before the show and then steered the discussion towards them, instead of rambling like a pub drunk with no sense of purpose.

    I stopped listening at the thirty two minute mark. Got bored. If it's like this every week then they'll probably get sick of him quickly.
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Anonymous said...

I'd rather listen to him than you. I think that goes for a lot of people, hence why he was offered his own show. For all your 'political genius' you fail to comprehend the most unique ability an individual possesses; likability.

Far more people like him than will ever like you. People can listen to him appreciate it. When you open your mouth its more for entertainment.

Especially watching all the ugly lonely old men rally to defend you, ha.

Claire Khaw said...

You are comparing apples with oranges really ie Dave's ramblings on the radio with my blog.

When I get my own radio show then you can talk about his perceived likability and mine.