Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Nick Griffin tells Claire Khaw to fuck off

What Nick Griffin's said in Germany:
  1. Civic nationalist parties like UKIP and Front Nationale who are doing well are condemned by him for being "phony nationalists".  
  2. Even if they were elected they would be overwhelmed by left-wing rioting and fall within the year.
  3. Nuremberg is not a German city now but a Turkish city.  
  4. Russia is the only European country left in the West.  The rest of the West are full of immigrants and Muslims.
  5. The EU elite are conspiring to start WW3.  
  6. Russia and Germany must form a nationalist alliance.  

He said nothing about the Equality Act 2010 and nothing about abolishing No Fault Divorce, as I had urged him to.


  1. If UKIP won't repeal the Equality Act 2010 then the BNP should.
  2. If UKIP won't abolish no fault divorce then the BNP should.
  3. If UKIP won't be the party of small business then the BNP should be.
  4. If UKIP won't denounce feminism then the BNP should.  
  5. If UKIP won't oppose gay marriage then BNP should.
  6. Declare the BNP to be officially and exclusively civic nationalist.
  7. Annul Claire Khaw's expulsion
  8. Appoint Claire Khaw as BNP Director of Communications
  9. Become bigger than UKIP
  10. Absorb UKIP
  11. Rival LibDems
  12. Become bigger than LibDems
  13. Hold the balance of power after GE 2015

Niche marketing must be the way forward for the BNP.

Below are my messages to him:

CK to NG  19/3/14  2126
Your only chance of retaining any credibility with the public is to make the party officially and exclusively civic nationalist.  What are the problems you anticipate and what objections do you have to simply filling up the policy vacuum Farage leaves?  If he won’t repeal the Equality Act you will.  If he won’t abolish gay marriage you will.  Whatever he won't do you take up the slack?  What do you think?

CK to NG  19/3/14  2132
Please tell me your concerns and objections to repeal Equality Act and abolish no fault divorce if you find them objectionable.  I may already have the solution.  

CK to NG  20/3/14  0810
A belated but Damascene conversion to civic nationalism by you would attract media attention.  People would leave the party but you are just getting rid of the dross.

CK to NG  20/3/14  0819
Once the dross has left the good people will join.  Instead of pretending you aren’t racist you can say why repealing the Equality Act and abolishing no fault divorce would be in the national interest.

I am afraid what follows was a rather dismissive response from the Chairman:

NG to CK  20/3/14  0852 
Do stop wasting your time and mine.  Mass immigration has been a deliberate genocide plan against white people from the very beginning.  Civic nationalists are not only cowards but collaborators with the biggest crime in human history.  A crank who poses with assault rifle and a swastika has not the slightest right to lecture the BNP. So, to put it politely and for the avoidance of doubt: Fuck off!

I received no further response to my subsequent messages:

CK to NG  20/3/14  0901
That photo was for the purpose of making the point that it is logically impossible for me to be a Nazi and that I am as much a Nazi as I would be a policeman if I had been photographed outside a police station with a policeman’s helmet on my head.  It is also for making the point that the British don’t care much for logic.  I have never said anything antisemitic unlike you or tried to plead the 5th Amendment on Question Time re Holocaust Denial. Instead, I have consistently asked: what number is Holocaust Denial?

CK to NG  20/3/14  0904
“Mass immigration has been a deliberate genocide plan against white people from the very beginning.”  By whom?

CK to NG  20/3/14  0906
“Civic nationalists are not only cowards but collaborators with the biggest crime in human history.”  I am a civic nationalist.  How have I been cowardly?

CK to NG  20/3/14  0913 That photo gives me notoriety and links me to nationalism.  You are probably aware that a conventional career path in politics is closed to me and that I must somehow make myself known as I am not a member of any party. 

CK to NG  20/3/14  0927
I would have thought that a nationalist would want to repeal the Equality Act.  I know John Tyndall would have supported my proposal and that the BNP wanted to repeal the Sex Discrimination Act in the 1990s.  You are not helping your people by failing to make nationalism an attractive, moral and noble ideology.  Instead, nationalism is now associated with CHAVs in Islamophobic demos.  Even UKIP have gone further than you in displays of Islamophobia eg screening of Fitna in the House of Lords, Gerard Batten’s proposal to make Muslims promise not to commit terrorism.

CK to NG  20/3/14  0933
What have you got against proposing the abolition of no fault divorce which undermines the institution of marriage?  It is the desecration of this institution that has caused racial and national degeneracy, has it not?  [85% of Jamaican mothers SSMs.] You do know that most British babies are illegitimate, don’t you? Most children of British mothers born out of wedlock 'The whites have become black' says David Starkey

CK to NG  20/3/14  0943
Your trouble is that you lower your morals to match those of your core supporters.  Perhaps my trouble is that I try to raise the morals of those I hope will support me.  I can tell you how to do better and you owe it to yourself and your cause to understand my ideas before you reject them.  If you tell me your practical and philosophical objections to my proposals then I can propose solutions which you would be free to reject or implement.  WHY won’t you propose repealing/abolishing EA/NFD?

CK to NG  20/3/14  1001
I was in The Guardian against last Friday. I can probably attract more publicity than you can these days.  Who else in nationalism has been described by The Guardian as “philosopher activist”?  I am also legally-trained.  I am probably your last hope before you face electoral meltdown next year.  Now tell me why you won’t propose to do away with Equality Act and no-fault divorce.  If it is because you are afraid of a mass resignation of the Advisory Council I have just the solution, but you have to act fast. is where you can send him messages saying you are a Eurosceptic who would vote BNP instead of UKIP but only if he does what I have suggested above and at

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