Saturday, 8 March 2014

Claire Khaw offers to tow away the broken down vehicle that is the British Democrats

The BDP are now reduced to giving away free Andrew Brons' speeches in the hope of getting the contact details of punters.  Is this what British Nationalism is now reduced to?

Well, I have better ideas.

All that I ask is for the BDP to announce me as their Director of Communications and for the media to ask me any questions at

That is pretty low maintenance, isn't it?

That would please and the best thing about it is that if I do a bad job, the BDP can immediately remove me as Director of Communications and dissociate itself from me.

Whatever happens, both of us would have got a bit of publicity.

The creators of would be pleased too, because all this would be done through the medium of their website.

Journalists would like this because the kind of journalism they like best is the cutting and pasting kind which they don't have to move from their computers to do.

What I propose is very motherhood and apple pie: the repeal of the Equality Act 2010 and the abolition of no-fault divorce. NOTHING ELSE.

As I have pointed out before, repealing the Equality Act is hardly extremist. Dan Hannan said in a crowded room in October 2015 that he would repeal it when I asked him, during the launch of Conservatives for Liberty.
Should most British businesses be exempt from EU regulations?

If nationalists make proposals that small businesses and the independent trader would welcome, that would in some way remove the stigma of being a party representing mostly racists in a time-warp or men who cannot compete against immigrant labour in the field of unskilled manual labour.

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