Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Claire Khaw praises The Conservative Woman

It is nice to see the issues I have been raising for such a long time finally being discussed here.

I do hope every concerned citizen will take an interest in its ideas, while also demanding the unconditional surrender of feminism.

This will happen once the Equality Act 2010 is repealed and no-fault divorce is abolished.

Who is a feminist?

Anyone who refuses to repeal the Equality Act and to abolish no-fault divorce.

Using this definition, Nigel Farage is a feminist, but not Donna Edmunds.

This also means Nigel Farage is not even a libertarian, because any self-respecting libertarian would be expected to find thought-crime legislation abhorrent on principle.  To pretend that to be forbidden from exercise your mind's ability to discriminate between what you want and what you don't want is not thought-crime is laughable, but this is what Nigel Farage is claiming.  It is just too bad for Eurosceptics that UKIP is led by a leader who is in fact a moral coward and a feminist.

Feminism is an unnatural and dysgenic ideology requiring the strong, clever and virtuous to submit to the weak, stupid and venal. Only the imposition of thought-crime legislation like the Equality Act can preserve it.

Can a Conservative woman be a feminist?  I already know the answer, but I leave this to be discussed by its readers and contributors.

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