Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Does making a pun mean you are racist? Patrick Moore once made a racist joke about me.

A slope on the bridge

I would suggest not.

May I also point out that racism has not in fact been defined.

It would please me if Clarkson would retract his apology about shooting trade unionists in front of their family.  Or perhaps he would retract that apology in relation to all trade unionists except for Christine Blower of the NUT who has ruined the education of so many generations of British children.

Just as I am sure we have all said something that would offend our friends, colleagues and family if they had heard every thing we had ever said about them, we will also have said something that would offend another race if they had heard everything we ever had said about that race.

If racism does mean "anything said by a member of one race that might offend a member of another race" then the question arises as to why we may offend people on other grounds but not on grounds of race.

It is of course a philosophical question, and politicians are infamously inept at answering philosophical questions.

I remember the late Patrick Moore making a silly joke about a chink in the curtain when he was giving a talk in Oslo about the Northern Lights.  He was on stage and I was merely a member of the audience, but remember having the feeling that he must have meant me.  This was over 15 years ago I am sure and I remember feeling a little taken aback at the time, but am glad I have survived the experience and lived to tell the tale.

People who think that their race is better than yours are no more and no less irritating than people of your own race making it clear that they think they are better than you.  People like that eventually get their comeuppance anyway. shows that he had form for this sort of thing.  I do take exception to the unkind things he has said about Germans because I have German relations myself and hand on my heart I can say all the Germans I have ever met have been utterly charming and kind.  

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