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Has political Islam failed?

Has the Arab Spring turned into an Islamist winter?

Mehdi Hasan challenges Islamic intellectual Tariq Ramadan on the principles and practice of political Islam.

Together they dissect the Arab revolts, focusing on Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise and demise, and the subsequent military coup.

So, has political Islam failed in Egypt? Did the Muslim Brotherhood miss its chance? And should the West be wary of Islamism?

Joining the discussion are: Anas Altikriti, a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and president and founder of the Cordoba Foundation; Yasmin Alibhai Brown, a journalist and the founder of British Muslims for Secular Democracy; and Professor Alan Johnson, from the pro-Israeli lobby group, BICOM.

Answer: Give it time.  

Tariq Ramadan lists what Islam has to offer the West

All religion is political.

Islam is unashamedly political.

Islam has scripture that most readily turns itself into legal principles.

Islam does not pretend to be Christianity.

Islam rejects the idea of "separating the Koran from state" because Koranic principles are meant to be implemented through the law.

"The people are the grass and the law the wind.  When the wind blows, the grass will bend."
Old Chinese saying

God is Law, Law is God.

All laws should be moral.

All laws listed in the Koran would be moral.

If you disagree, then do please which verse in the Koran you consider immoral or irrational.


  1. Because its scripture is either too vague or too harsh, people mostly ignore it. 
  2. Because Christians mostly ignore the Bible they are known for their hypocrisy. 
  3. Because they are hypocrites they are cowards. 
  4. Because they are cowards and hypocrites they are hated. 
  5. Because they are hated they become fearful. 
  6. Because they are fearful, cowardly and hypocritical they do stupid things that make more people hate them more.
  7. Because they do stupid things they become weak. 
  8. Because they are weak they are paranoid.
  9. Because they are paranoid they cling to things and take other people's stuff and land and behave like the proverbial dog in a manger. 
  10. Because they are all of the above they fall behind even the people they regard as brown, backward, barbaric whom they have really pissed off big time over the centuries who are more socially cohesive than they are. 
  11. Because they know Islam brings about social cohesion more than PC Liberalism and Feminism, they get nervous when they think Islam might be "political". 
  12. A people who follow their religion do better than cowards and hypocrites who claim they believe in God but don't follow His laws and who are mostly sluts and bastards partaking of their excremental slut and bastard culture that is their Culture of Entitlement, Culture of Excuses, pop culture, TV culture, drug culture, pub culture, football culture and all the stuff SSMs and MCSFs like to do: sex and shopping.
  13. Christianity is no longer fit for the purpose of maintaining morality when you see the so-called Christian West that is really Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland peopled by people who are dipso, fatso, bingo, Tesco and ASBO.
  14. Christianity is no longer fit for purpose when the most powerful church in the West - the Catholic Church - now has as liberal Pope intent only on diluting Biblical morality just to get bums on its rotten pews.
  15. The Anglican Church was always a Creature of the State, and the state is PC Liberal.
  16. The Anglican Church is hopelessly infested by feminists, liberals, Reds, homosexuals, and men with third rate minds afraid of women with second rate minds.  
  17. The Anglican Church cannot reform itself without being disestablished and then re-established after it has had its clergy whose views are subversive to its Abrahamic moral codes removed.  
  18. Most people in the West are not Christians but most people in Muslim countries are Muslims.  (This means most Muslims have the benefit of family values supported by marriage, while the Islamophobes in the West who fear and hate them do not.)  


The Koran does not say the punishment for apostasy is death. Ramadan won't criticise the Hadith because Muslims who say they are Koranists are treated like heretics, so he is understandably wary of saying he is a Koranist. Instead, he talks vaguely about "reforming the Muslim mind" while I would just have said:

"Muslims should go back to basics and refer only to the Koran. Indeed, they should entrust the Western and non-Muslim judiciary with their advanced legal system to interpret the Koran with fresh eyes after dumping anything in the Hadith that contradicts the Koran." 


If the Koran says "all animals are equal" the Hadith says "but some animals are more equal than others".

Ramadan won't denounce the practice of stoning adulterers of death and calls for a moratorium.  He really is a coward as the Zionist says. The Koran says 100 lashes for those who indulge in extramarital sex, but nothing about stoning.

The Old Testament is too harsh, so liberals in the West (and that includes Jews and Christians) interpret it so much of it away that there is nothing of it left to maintain morality.

The Koran is too liberal, so conservatives add Old Testament punishments to it, like stoning adulterers to death.


Ramadan says there are three things Muslims have to offer to the West that the West does not already have:

1. Help West reconcile itself with its own values.

2. Give the West spirituality it lacks.

3. Bring ethics into the discussion.

That sounds fair enough to me.

Only Islam can defeat Feminism which is destroying Western civilisation.
Think and Grow Rich author Napoleon Hill promoted Islam!
British and Muslim?

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