Monday, 10 March 2014

Islam better religion than Catholicism because it does not have a corrupt priesthood

Catholic Church under sustained attack from Feminists and LGBTs.

Pope Francis does not care how he gets bums on pews as long as he gets bums on his rotten pews.  The Catholic Church will go the way of the Anglican Church and find itself infested with liberals, feminists and homosexuals promoting gay marriage in no time at all, you mark my words.

I am afraid Secular Koranism is the only answer.

The West fondly thinks its religion is Christian, but they should now acknowledge that "religion" is only state ideology by another name.

Most Westerners have not grasped the truth of that the West is as Christian as a skeleton used to be human. A religion that does nothing more than promote the PC Liberal ideology of a PC Liberal State is no more than a Creature of the Corrupt and Effeminate Feminist Liberal State.

The word religion comes from the Latin word "religare", which means "to bind".  To bind what? Why, to bind society, of course.  The purpose of binding society is to protect it from is internal and external enemies. Its internal enemies would be the conflicting interests of men and women, rich and poor, young and old and the aspirant and the established.  The rules must be seen to be fair or there will be trouble.  The external enemies of any society are those who come from other nations to exploit, abuse after invading and conquering it. Currently, it is the needs and wants of women that are elevated above the needs of everyone else to the exclusion of rational argument even. However, current political orthodoxy elevates Feminism to Sacred Cow status, and we already know this:

"We know who is in power by those whom we cannot criticise", and we know we cannot criticise the pornocratic matriarchy, or we will lose our jobs and our position in society.

It is this fear that prevents even well-born and high status men from criticising feminism, because doing so would inevitably result in loss of status and your wife suing you for half your stuff under the rules of no-fault divorce.

As for those who are most affected by feminism - the BNP and its supporters - it is quite obvious that all its men are terminally and fatally afraid of denouncing feminism because they fear to be even more hated and more held in contempt by a society who already regards them as pariahs.

Not only do these pathetic men fear the further lowering of their already low status, they fear the loss of sexual access to their women. Their pitiful lives would be even more insupportable if even more of their women reject them in favour of foreign, Jewish or Muslim men.

Sadly, many of them cannot bring themselves to acknowledge the truth of British gender relations and prefer to call me mad and deluded. Incredibly, they think their way to salvation is to continue whingeing in an effeminate passive-aggressive racist, Islamophobic and antisemitic way.

Being so held in such utter contempt by the rest of society, they suffer from a version of the Battered Wife Syndrome and behave as if Feminism were omnipresent and omniscient, thus availing themselves of the excuse of not challenging Feminism because I would surely lose against this malign deity, and they too suffer the ill-effects of defeat if they are seen to be in any way associated with me in this ideological battle.  (In reality they are just afraid of their slut female partners getting angry with them and not giving them sex.)

Because of their degraded status of useless degenerates, it is understandable that they are wary of being seen to be preaching the virtues of marriage when they are so clearly unmarriageable.  I completely understand, but it has to be pointed out that it is precisely because I accept that political pariahs have no moral authority that I see the appeal to a supposed Supreme Being - in the form of a new religion for the morally degenerate British - to be practicable, strategic and rational.  

Religion is after all the ancient term for the concept that is intended to be instrumental in bringing about social cohesion.

It is also well-known that marriage is traditionally supported by established religion. In the West established religion is simply the morality of the Bible and the Koran that supports the institutions of the family and marriage by means of the practice of social conservatism, in order to bring about social cohesion.

State ideology can only be promoted and maintained by legislation, of course, and it is not Christianity, Judaism or Islam that is being promoted by Western governments, is it?

Judaism has been more or less declared sexist and racist in Britain.

A Christian couple running a bed and breakfast has been fined £3600 for exercising what they thought was their right to exclude a gay couple from their home and refusing to do business with them. Liberals are so under the spell of totalitarian PC Liberalism these days that they are no longer cognisant of the liberal principles of Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Contract, and the sanctity of private property.

The religion of the West is unofficially PC Liberalism AKA Free Love ie the idea that that sex between consenting adults is no one else's business but the copulating couple's.  It was being contemplated by Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt of the Labour Party that sex between just consenting parties, irrespective of age, should also be made legal.  This was the slippery slope that the Labour Paedo Three slid down under the spell of this pernicious doctrine.

We now have an openly gay Court of Appeal judge who is Adviser to the Queen and founder of a paedophile support group to keep paedophiles out of jail.

Even an SSM has been made a part-time judge.

By now saying that he wants the Catholic Church to look into civil unions the Pope is making clear that he will see to it that Catholicism will "move with the times", and this means that the Catholic Church will become ever more PC Liberal.

This is the reality of what is happening to the Catholic Church, formerly the West's most powerful and respected religion.

Even more unfortunately for it, it has two Achilles heels: one is Trinitarianism (which the Koran denies) and the other is a corrupt, venal and self-interested clergy.  Pope Francis will have no qualms in liberalising the Church if he thinks doing this will put more bums on its morally rotten pews.  This means the future of the Catholic Church will be similar to the Anglican Church, which will become fatally infested by liberals, feminists and homosexuals, full of contemptible men with third rate minds afraid of women with second rate minds.

Islam on the other hand despises the mumbo-jumbo and hocus-pocus of Trinitarianism (which is the means through which Christians "explain" the divinity of Christ) and only envisages the promotion and maintenance of Islam through legal means.

"The people are the grass and the law the wind.  When the wind blows, the people will bend" is an Old Chinese saying that has particular application and relevance to the principle of the Rule of Law, and it is Islam that has thoroughly grasped its theory and practice.

Through having laws in harmony with God's commands, we would all enjoy the direct benefit of His wisdom. It is my belief that this supposed wisdom of God's is no more than the collective knowledge and wisdom of wise men distilled and credited to an entity that is said to be unique, omnipotent, omniscient, morally perfect and supreme.  Even if we do not believe in God, I think anyone capable of abstract thought would find the contemplation of such noble concepts morally uplifting in itself.  

However, Christians are easily the most hypocritical people in the world because of their religion that compels them to tell a lie.  This lie consists of affirming the Doctrine of the Trinity and those who claim to be practising and believing Christians must say that they believe that Christ is God or else face eternal damnation.

Their corrupt religion has also indoctrinated them into accepting that a corrupt priesthood is capable of giving them salvation and absolution, with the effect that they give no thought to the practical difficulties of serving Justice and Truth in this life, because they are waiting for their non-existent afterlife.

And this is why I, an atheist, believe that the Koran is the best possible guide for humanity and enjoin the implementation of what I acknowledge would be a theocracy - rule according to God's laws as enunciated in the Koran.  I do assure all my readers that the Koranic heaven is far more attractive than the Old and New Testament heaven (if you choose to believe in such a thing) and its punishments significantly less harsh than in the Old Testament.

What I propose is no worse than parents pretending to be the High Priest and High Priestess of the Cult of Santa in the hope of encouraging better behaviour in their children.

Instead of relying on a corrupt clergy to interpret good and evil for us and pretend to absolve us from our sins, we will now have as many different Koranic legal systems as there are nations prepared to infuse their legal system with Koranic principles.  This will mean the best legal minds in every nation interpreting and applying Koranic principles.

Once we all do that, we can all conveniently default on our debts that the practice of usury has burdened us with.  As every fool knows, the prohibition of usury by the Koran was always intended to discourage irresponsible borrowing and lending by individuals and governments and end the boom-bust cycle once and for all.

Once Israel implements Secular Koranism and dumps representative democracy, there will be peace in the Middle East.

What's there not to like?

"Islam was designed to be the antithesis of Catholicism."


    AJ said...

    Did you see EDL Girls tonight?

    Claire Khaw said...

    No, I didn't. Any good?

    AJ said...

    BBC 3 documentaries are always as vapid as the idiots they're documenting. Alright for a laugh, I suppose.

    I bet the main character would have freaked out if somebody told her that the pint she was drinking was halal beer.

    Whenever she wasn't talking, she just stood there with her mouth open, like a lobotomy patient. Like she was drooling on her shoes.

    Claire Khaw said...

    I am glad BBC3 mindrot is closing down and really resent my licence fee paying for shit like that.

    These stupid cows thought they were doing the EDL a favour by appearing on the show, clearly, while the rest of the world gloats at how fat and stupid British female Islamophobes are ...