Friday, 21 March 2014

Man in York acquitted but told not to do it again


The first farce of a Christmas Card Trial took place today (Thursday 20 March). The second incident required to make out "stalking" was my tapping on a window and giving a friendly wave (which was returned). I was acquitted but under a new law they imposed a ten-year restraining order regardless. This is insulting, and will be appealed. There is a similar trial scheduled for June. I am considering bringing an action against the police for false imprisonment – enough of this lunacy.

If I were the leader of the BNP I would be defending this man's civil liberty and questioning the law that allows the court to say to Simon: "Not guilty but don't do it again".

UKIP claims to be a libertarian party but cannot even bring itself to denounce totalitarian anti-discrimination legislation that is the Equality Act 2010.  Indeed, it has recently even disciplined a UKIP activist for in effect saying she would like this thought-crime repealed.

A more courageous BNP leader would exploit this opportunity and take up the slack of Nigel Farage's leadership and filling the moral vacuum this man leaves wherever he goes.  It is already well-known that the BNP have always wanted to repeal such anti-discrimination PC legislation. However, it seems the BNP Regional Organisers would never understand and sympathise with such a proposal and Nick Griffin probably fears to even attempt to explain it to them.  I would be happy to do so on his behalf though.  

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