Monday, 3 March 2014

Mary Kenny on the Marc Coleman Show discussing PIE, Paedophilia and Harriet Harman

Incredibly complacent interview.  "Crisis?  What crisis?" - Mary Kenny.

Everything is fine because her daughter in law seems terribly keen on starting a family.

What happens when she tires of your son and decides to divorce him and deprive him of his offspring? Won't you then be deprived of your grandchildren?

Dear Marc Coleman

I understand that Mary Kenny was on your show last night.  

If I had known earlier, I would have sent you this list of questions for you to ask her.

  1. Does she know that 83% of female MPs voted for gay marriage while only 48% of male MPs did?
  2. What does this say about the difference between how men and women think and vote?
  3. Does she have any explanation for this?
  4. Does she support gay marriage?
  5. Is she still a feminist?
  6. Does feminism undermine marriage?
  7. If feminism undermines marriage, is feminism evil?
  8. Does feminism cause widespread illegitimacy?
  9. When David Starkey said the whites have become black, did he mean that illegitimacy amongst whites was slowly matching the levels of black illegitimacy?
  10. If crime is linked to illegitimacy, and feminism causes illegitimacy, is feminism evil?
  11. Does she know that the percentage of mothers with illegitimate offspring in Jamaica is 85%?
  12. If feminists and liberals say sex between consenting adults is OK, it was inevitable that they would soon go down the slippery slope of saying sex between consenting parties is also OK, even if they are not adults.  Does she think this adequately explains the truth of the liberal position on sex, which is that sex between consenting adults would soon be elided into sex between consenting parties?
  13. The Bonobo monkey is matriarchal. Does this mean that it must also be liberal and feminist?
  14.  Would she agree that this sort of behaviour explains why the Bonobo are still fucking around in trees while humans have evolved?
  15. Would she like to consider the possibility that humans might regress into barbarism if they made sexual liberation the be all and end all to their pathetic effeminate and atheistic lives?
  16. Would she agree that the British did rather better for themselves when they sublimated their sexual urges?
  17. Would she agree that all advanced civilisations are patriarchal?
  18. Would she agree that all primitive or declining civilisations are matriarchal?
  19. Would she agree that all patriarchies respect marriage in order to remain patriarchal?
  20. Would she agree that social conservatism means being prepared to respect marriage?
  21. Would she agree that respecting marriage must necessarily mean forbidding extramarital sex?
  22. Would she agree that legalising "gay marriage" amounts to desecrating the institution of marriage?
  23. Would she agree that feminism causes immigration?
  24. Would she agree that feminism causes paedophilia?  
  25. Is the emasculation of men a good thing
  26. Does feminism cause men to be bad women and women to be bad men?


Claire Khaw

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