Sunday, 16 March 2014

Nationalism, Libertarianism and the repeal of the Equality Act 2010 by Prime Minister Dan Hannan after GE 2015

Why is this English Democrat looking like a bus conductor?  Why would the English Democrats think the English would vote for a party with members that look like bus conductors?  Are they retarded or just stupid?

Is calling their conference "The Revolting English Spring Conference" a good use of the English language to create the right sort of image for English nationalism?

Does holding it in Dartford suggest that those who regard themselves as English Nationalists do not come from the highest strata of English society?

There was a "good chance" that the party would pick up seats at the European Parliament in May's elections, chairman Robin Tilbrook told the BBC.

The party was composed of social democrats, he added.

A good chance that the Englsih Democrats would pick seats in the EU elections?  Really?!?

The English Democrats are a party of Social democrats?  What, like the SDP?  But what about my BNP buddies who joined the English Democrats led by Eddy Butler the ex-BNP National Organiser who was expelled after he failed to trigger a BNP leadership contest?

Surely the last thing these people want is to join a party full of SDP types!

It seems that, having added to his ranks the BNP rejects and finding that they did not add much to his party, he has decided to distance himself from them.

Robin Tillbrook is like someone who is tired of his girlfriend but wants her to break up with him because he is too frightened to tell her it is over. To induce her to break off with him he is doing passive-aggressive things like suggesting and then cancelling dates, turning up late, not doing things he promised to do, and being dull, unkempt, irritating and smelly.

Also, by being self-consciously Centre Left and aping the policies of Alex Salmond and the leftist Sinn Fein, he is clearly showing that that he is on the side of adolescent nationalism rather than grown-up nationalism.

Who best exemplified nationalism?  Why, General Franco, of course.  He at least know that without social conservatism there can be no viable form of nationalism that will survive the corrupting temptations of every age.

The BNP used to see this when it was led by John Tyndall, who wrote THE ELEVENTH HOUR.  Sadly, even these principles have now been salami-sliced into nothingness after Nick Griffin's leadership.  It is almost certain that the BNP manifesto for GE 2015 will say nothing about promoting the institution of marriage.  You can just imagine them all saying "Marriage?  Nah, it ain't for the likes of us. Grammar schools? Wossat ven? Nah, it ain't for the likes of us."

I well remember the BNP website in the 1990s stating that it would repeal the Sex Discrimination Act 1975.

The Sex Discrimination Act has now been consolidated into the Equality Act 2010, which I, as a civic nationalist, believe it is in the national interest to repeal, to  make life easier for small businesses.

Repealing this, as well as abolishing no-fault divorce, would cut the legs off feminism, which I believe is injurious to the long term national interest.

If you call yourself a nationalist and are not prepared to either propose this or discuss this, then you are not what I would call a grown-up nationalist.

On the assumption that all Eurosceptic parties come under the umbrella term of nationalist, I would say that UKIP are certainly not grown-up judging by how Donna Edmunds was forced to apologise by the party for in effect saying she would like the Equality Act repealed.

Ukip chair Steve Crowther said Edmunds' comments went "beyond what is acceptable".

"Whilst we are a libertarian party this kind of ultra-libertarianism really goes beyond what is acceptable," he said. "Society has to have rules and it is certainly not Ukip's policy to allow people to refuse service to each other on the grounds of race, sexuality etc. This debate has been unhelpful. It is a matter that will be discussed by our NEC."

It seems no one in politics has said they would repeal the Equality Act 2010 apart from Dan Hannan MEP. He actually said at the launch of Conservatives for Liberty in October 2013 in a crowded function room at the Barley Mow that he would do so for libertarian reasons.

Too bad he is not even an MP.

I think he could easily be MP or even PM after GE 2015.

First, he should stand as an independent Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in Witney.

Of course, if he does the Conservative Party will have a shit fit and expel him.

But if he wins it would mean David Cameron can no longer remain leader of the Conservative Party, since he will no longer be MP.  (Interestingly, this link has now expired when I looked again on 11 October 2014. Clearly, the Party do not want its members to look at the small print of the party constitution. Why? To avoid having to answer questions as to why it as no principles, presumably. It can now be found at

10 There shall be a Leader of the Party (referred to in this Constitution as “the Leader”) drawn from those elected to Parliament ...

However, if Dan Hannan does win, I have no doubt that they will annul his expulsion, welcome him back warmly into the bosom of the Party and declare him to be their leader and therefore the PM of Britain.

Dan Hannan - from MEP to PM if he wins Witney in GE 2015 

He has that feline grace and the lean and hungry look ....  Watching him move I sometimes wonder if he did ballet as a boy.  

Watch him tell the Yanks off for living beyond their means at


David H said...

Previous English Democrat conferences, and indeed the next one will be held in Leicester. There is an event on St Georges day in Leeds, so your suggestion is invalid.

David H said...

Some of the previous English Democrat conferences have been held in Leicester, and an event will be held in Leeds next month, so your comment about members is invalid. AS for the Euro elections we will wait and see? The BNP is still trying to raise funds for there Euro deposits, will people who would contribute to the deposits receive refunds should the BNP retain there deposits?

Claire Khaw said...

What is this suggestion of mine you are referring to?

I do not merely suggest that you are a bunch of plebs, I already *know* you are a bunch of plebs.

If you are trying to say that holding your meetings in Leicester and Leeds dispels the impression that the English Democrats is for plebs, then you are not being very convincing.