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Man who gave two girls Xmas cards arrested twice

Simon Sheppard today:
I'm in [York Magistrates'] court on Thursday [at 10 am] for the Christmas card. One girl (18, to whom I was only being friendly) claims she saw it and burst into tears, which I don't believe for a moment. Both of them have looked me up on the internet and decided I'm Public Enemy No. 1. Trying not to let it get me down. What a farce the whole thing is!

This was what I also received. 

There was a time when the English prided themselves on their tolerance of eccentricity, but no longer.  

As far as I am concerned, Simon is a harmless eccentric with very definite ideas about Jews which they may not find flattering. To pretend that he is dangerous or peculiarly wicked would be as mistaken as pretending that the uneducated inadequates in the BNP somehow pose a threat to Western democracy. To prosecute and persecute this harmless eccentric at the behest of a spiteful woman suggests a very directed malice.

If you didn't like the card then throw it away, woman.  Why have a man arrested for something like this? Would a man do this sort of thing to another man?   Some women really are disgusting in their vindictiveness. She probably thought he was romantically interested in her and is punishing him by setting the cops on him. Did she feel "violated" that a man with Politically Incorrect views should presume to give her one of his Politically Incorrect Xmas cards? Then he must be thrown into the cells!  If the option of beheading were available for this "outrage", would these vindictive women avail themselves of it?

My view was that it was Xmas, and Simon was a little lonely. Being skint, those were the only Xmas cards he had and so he gave one to her, relishing some sort of contact with a female. To punish a man just for doing this is simply monstrous and I really do not have the words to describe my disgust.  

His account of events:

Arrested by North Yorkshire Police for giving a girl a Christmas card

I was leaving and she was entering, and we almost collided in the foyer of the local post office. I looked back and she looked back, and unless I’m mistaken, she spoke first. (This was notable: I mention in The Tyranny of Ambiguity instances where females believe they have spoken first while in fact they had merely signalled.) She said she had seen me before, recently. I explained that I cannot recognise faces, it’s called prosopagnosia and it was years before I realised what it was. "Do you work in a shop?" It turned out I had met her while trying to get blank card for the Christmas cards I was quickly running up. I said that if she told me her name I would give her one so she could see it. I would call with one the following Saturday I said, and we parted.

Apparently there were a couple of innocuous earlier encounters, going back months: "I stared at her" and "He said something about the cost of postage as we were leaving the post office at the same time." I have only the dimmest recollection of these, and hadn’t associated them with the girl. I talk to lots of people, young and old, male and female, and always have interesting stories to tell. (Though perhaps my audience doesn’t always agree on their interestingness!)

The contents of that six-page statement, what little I know of it, are really not worthy of being repeated, not here, not anywhere. For instance, an occasion when I was walking past and tapped on her window to give a cheery wave, to be greeted by a wave and a cheerful smile in return, is transformed into me hammering on the window and "frightening her."

Anyway PC Believer’s promise of a quick "in-out" interview was kept but the intimation with it that all would be resolved quickly and I would soon be home was not. I spent a further four hours in the cell.

A Second Christmas Card Arrest

Indirect Invocation occurs when the authority of a third party is invoked without referring to the second. Examples are calling the police without asking someone to leave, or complaining about the non-repayment of a loan without confronting the debtor directly. It is a female strategy to avoid confrontation, exploit male protective instincts and raise the cost of involvement with them.

an 'ordinary criminal' often commits a hundred crimes and only gets caught for one, while I give Christmas cards to two girls and get dragged off twice.

what gets me is that women are taking men's jobs, doing jobs that men used to do, being paid the same as men, but as soon as something happens they don't like they act like little 8-year-old girls who would jump out of their skin if you said 'Boo' to them. "They," then pointedly to WPC Mysterious, " – you – can't have it both ways" I said.

Below are the salient points:

It was 11am on Christmas Eve and I was just about to get down to the day's activity when a knock was heard at the door. I opened it to find PC Believer and another asking to come in. I replied with a question: "What’s this about?" The response was to inform me that I was under arrest "on suspicion of causing harassment, alarm or distress" and the two barged in.

Arrested again on 16 January
I was just settling down to a tea-break when there was a knock at the door. I opened it to be confronted with – yet again! – the dome-headed visage of PC Believer, accompanied by a policewoman this time. Shortly they had barged in, telling me I was under arrest for "Causing harassment, alarm or distress" and, PC Believer pointedly added, "Publishing written material to stir up racial hatred." "What's that about?" I asked, "I haven't distributed anything." "The Christmas card" was the reply. It was 4:30pm.

It is ridiculous that the police are claiming that causing someone to receive an unwanted Christmas card constitutes a Public Order Offence.  Not only are they wrong in law and logic, what they are doing in my opinion amounts to malicious prosecution.  

I have urged him not to accept the jurisdiction of a magistrates' court whose judgment may not be appealed against.  

I informed him that if he demanded a Crown Court trial the police will feel too stupid to proceed with this ridiculous prosecution, but the poor man is too demoralised to care.  

I really don't know what else to suggest except that anyone who can easily attend York Magistrates' Court at 10 am on Thursday do so, so that he is not entirely alone and the decision of the magistrates not entirely unreported and unnoticed.

Last year Simon got into trouble for distributing

In January 2013, while still under licence, I good-naturedly gave a single copy of my 'Spree Killers: The Forefront of Knowledge' article to a local librarian. I had used the library to work on the article, and am rather proud of it, being probably the best I have ever written (I detailed why in my December 2012 news update). This is an account of what happened shortly after. 

and writes about his prison experience at

Simon is Britain's foremost political prisoner. It is no so much what he says about the Jews that the political establishment find objectionable - antisemitism has been endemic in Christian Europe since the Middle Ages - but what he says about the power women have over men in the West, and how they abuse it.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

"Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil."  Bhagavad Gita 

His latest book - Sex and Power - can be ordered at

Photos of Simon

Simon Sheppard offering a mint
Simon Sheppard and The Purple Man of York

Simon Sheppard, Tourist Attraction

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