Friday, 28 March 2014

The BNP opposes gay marriage, thank goodness

In this regard they are more courageous than UKIP whose leader said he would not abolish gay marriage even if he does come to power.

Nor will the UKIP propose the repeal of the Equality Act 2010.

Nigel Farage and his party are a walking talking policy and moral vacuum.  

The BNP is at least is showing some backbone, but they would do better if Claire Khaw is BNP Director of Communications propagating Claire Khaw Thought.  If you want this to happen please get in touch with Nick Griffin and do as suggested at  She is the last best hope for British Civic Nationalism.  If you want policies more Conservative than Nigel Farage without finding yourself  in the company of racists, antisemites and Islamophobes then Claire Khaw can help the BNP wash away the taint of racism, antisemitism and Islamophobia from British Nationalism and make it a party fit to rival UKIP.

12 midnight tonight: “Gay” Marriage is “legal”
Two days ago we warned you about the terrifying pace of the destruction of our society, our heritage and our culture when the first taxpayer funded state school in British history started to teach English as a foreign language.

Now just two days later we see the frenzy of the media and politicians, including UKIP, who are all “delighted” that another of the fundamental bedrocks of our society is destroyed. 

Legislation has been “rushed through” and the date set for Gay marriage being legalised in our churches in 2015 has been brought forward to midnight tonight in another unsightly rush to pander to the minority while continuing to abandon us, the majority! 

Same-sex weddings in “some” British embassies and armed forces bases overseas and military chapels are expected to be allowed from June.

Take a guess at which countries won’t even be allowing our embassies to do this on their soil! 

The UK is now officially rated as the best place in Europe to be Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender.

Are you proud of that?

Shame it’s not the best place in Europe to be white, old, ill, wanting an education or a job!

UKIP back this move, the same as they “welcome immigration” and everyone must wake up to the reality that UKIP are part of this problem.

It is why they are on the news every day, it is why they are ruthlessly promoted at every turn; because they are just like the rest and they will not stop this madness, they are part of it. 

These are no longer warning signs, day after day our way of life is being systematically destroyed and the pace of that destruction is now breathtaking, the time to choose is upon us. 

But there is still hope, there is a solution, a simple, sensible, political, legal and moral solution and that is to support, VOTE, join, donate or help the ONLY remaining political party that holds and will defend YOUR VIEWS – The British National Party. 

You can no longer be a spectator watching this tragedy unfold, you must act NOW.

Scroll down and ACT because if you don’t it will be too late and it is shockingly easy to help save your country, you can help do it NOW, with the click of a mouse: 

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Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin MEP
BNP Chairman

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