Saturday, 1 March 2014

UKIP now more PC than Tories about to suffer a recruitment crisis and how BNP could exploit this

I don't want to sound misogynistic, but did a woman draft this stupid nonsense? Was she perchance the Queen of Hearts whose kingdom is Wonderland?
UKIP has been taken over by women, said Nigel Farage.  Was one of them the Queen of Hearts?  Is she now in charge of UKIP and did she draft the revolting declaration below?'s_Adventures_in_Wonderland)
If I were to open my skeleton cupboard, I would probably be buried alive as they all fall on top of me.  Or, I would find it empty because they have all escaped and are walking around telling the world my secret plan to to campaign for a military dictatorship for Britain and turn it into a one-party theocracy that has a legal system in harmony with Koranic principles ...

UKIP are now so PC that they dare not propose the repeal of the Equality Act 2010, having been taken over by women as Nigel Farage boasted on Woman's Hour.

If I were leader of the BNP, I would demand of UKIP why a libertarian party as they claim they are cannot bring themselves to propose repealing the Equality Act 2010, which is no more and no less than totalitarian thoughtcrime legislation forbidding one to exercise our thinking faculty of discrimination.

Is it cos they have been taken over by women, and most women are feminists?

Are these women aware of my dastardly plot to cut the legs off feminism?

The legs of feminism can be cut off by repealing the Equality Act and by reintroducing fault into divorce/'abolishing no fault divorce.

The BNP have been proposing to repeal the legislation contained in the Equality Act for years, but are now keeping quiet about it, it seems, because its leader is afraid of discussing things that are not to do with Jews and Muslims, hatred of whom are the only thing its lower class uneducated members understand and will turn up for demos about.  Anything  more abstract, such as foreign policy, selective education, feminism etc, and they are all at sea and just not interested.

Anyway, if I were BNP leader I would offer not to stand against UKIP at all if they promised to repeal the Equality Act if they came to power.

A PC UKIP afraid of its own shadow would be worse than useless. Therefore the BNP still has a role to play, but whether it will play it any meaningful way is rather doubtful under its current leadership.  The least they could do is appoint me Acting Leader from now till the end of the General Election, with Nick Griffin appointed Consultant.

Since this is rather unlikely, those of us who want to destroy feminism and repeal feminist legislation should consider buying Nick Griffin out.  It is possible that Institute of Directors will help me fund the buying out of Nick Griffin.  They surely cannot approve of small businesses being compelled to pay maternity and now paternity leave, or all the other unjust and burdensome red-tape that increases the cost of running a business in this country.  (Let us not waste any more time and offer him half a million in a briefcase or two so he can swiftly shuffle off and leave British Nationalism to me, the grande dame of British Nationalism, and the only one in the land capable of giving British Nationalism a moral dimension that would unify the British of all races and religions under a patriarchal and libertarian government with a morally regenerated populace, who will be encouraged to be resourceful, rational and robust, just like me!)

Once I have control of the BNP I will turn it into a civic nationalist party that is both libertarian and anti-feminist with members who are educated, courageous, socially conservative and professional instead of Nick Griffin's current core supporters. He can use the money to found another party that is racist, Islamophobic and antisemitic if he wants, while I take New Civic Nationalist BNP to ever greater heights ...

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