Wednesday, 19 March 2014

What the BNP can do now that UKIP has revealed itself again to be a policy and moral vacuum

  1. The moral coward Nigel Farage is clearly not going to repeal the Equality Act 2010, even as a libertarian, after the way he treated Donna Edmunds.
  2. The moral coward Nigel Farage has said he would not annul gay marriages.
  3. The moral coward Nigel Farage has said he would strip Christian weddings of legal status
Clearly, this disgusting moral coward either has no principles or no principles he is prepared to follow. He has bought into PC Liberalism lock, stock and barrel when the country cries out for a political party prepared to at least raise issues social conservatives would wish to have discussed.  

In the meantime the BNP is becalmed and directionless.  

This is what I propose:


After announcing that the BNP has become officially and exclusively civic nationalist, it invites all the Regional Organisers in (1) North West (2) East Midlands (3) Eastern (4) London (5) North East (6) Scotland  (7) South West (8) Wales (9) West Midlands  (10) Yorkshire (11) South East to reapply for their own jobs. Applicants should all without exception be owners of small businesses and have legitimate children if they have offspring. No Regional Organiser shall be barred for reasons of race or religion.  All Regional Organisers have a vote on policy matters on the Advisory Council.


Declare the following to be the party's fundamental beliefs:

(a) Nationalism is the ideology of promoting the long term national interest.

(b) Conservatism is the ideology of conserving the long-term national interest.

(c)  The national interest cannot be promoted without respecting the institution of marriage.

(d)  The institution of marriage cannot be respected without the official prohibition of extramarital sex.

(e)  Gay sex, bestiality, necrophilia, incest, adultery and fornication comes under the definition of extramarital sex.

(f) The Equality Act 2010 is totalitarian thought-crime legislation forbidding the exercise of the individual's intellectual faculty to discriminate against those who he may not want to business with and no society that prides itself on being liberal should suffer the existence of thought-crime legislation in his country.

(g)  The nation consists of those who are its citizens regardless of race and religion.

(h)  The national interest is defined as national solvency, control over its own borders, the ability to maintain its defences, the interests of children not yet born, the nation's good standing amongst the international community as well as the maintenance of good standards of education and behaviour.


Declare the Party's objective to be to say and do what is in the national interest that UKIP are too cowardly to say and do.


Appoint Claire Khaw Director of Communications so that she can represent the party's new policies and image elegantly, inclusively and attractively on Newsnight.


Annul Claire Khaw's expulsion so that she can enter and win the leadership contest in 2015.


Prepare for government in 2020.

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