Tuesday, 18 March 2014

What is English culture?

What do you consider part of English culture?

Pub culture
Having bastards
Islamophobic EDL/BNP marches
Dipso, Fatso, Bingo, Tesco, ASBO, Paedo
Football culture
SSM culture
      Being disabled
        Pop culture
          Drug culture
            English culture is PROLETARIAN culture
              TV culture eg TOWIE, BIG BROTHER
                Culture of Entitlement
                  Culture of Excuses
                    Being autistic
                      Drinking under age
                        Having under-aged sex
                          Seeing a paedo in under every bush
                            Saying sex between consenting adults is a "sacred" right
                              Saying "marriage is just a piece of paper"
                                Driving somewhere, eating sandwich in car, not getting out, driving off
                                  Having abortions
                                    Getting knocked up
                                      Having sex with strangers in toilets
                                        Having sex with strangers
                                            The Birdy Song
                                                Last Night of The Proms
                                                  Eating a kebab waiting for the bus after a night in the pub
                                                      Red Nose Day
                                                        MCSF culture
                                                          Gay Pride March

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