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Why are white men more afraid to challenge feminism than black men?

Have white men had cowardice injected into their veins?

A black female Facebook friend said to me that she thought the reason why black men weren't afraid to speak their minds is because they have nothing to lose.

If white men carry on the way they are carrying on, they will soon have nothing to lose either.

I don't think men in the BNP have anything to lose. Perhaps their pride prevents them from seeing this, which is why they shrink for speaking the truth.

What is the truth I wish them to speak?

I merely wish them to agree with me on the following:

  1. The British do not respect marriage.
  2. The British do not respect marriage because the overwhelming number of them are feminists.
  3. A feminist is someone who refuses to contemplate both the repeal of the Equality Act 2010 and the abolition of no fault divorce.
  4. Feminism undermines marriage.  
  5. Feminism is supported by two pillars: the Equality Act 2010 and no fault divorce.
  6. Any ideology that  undermines the sanctity of marriage is bad for society.
  7. Feminism should be discredited as a moral, rational and sustainable ideology.  

The black female Facebook friend in America tells me that the only white man that she  can think of here who actually speaks against feminism is a radio host named Tom Leykis.  "The feminists HATE him, because he speaks very bluntly about SSMs, welfare moms, fat women etc."

The most prominent anti-feminist in academia, Chris Brand, was insane enough to argue in favour of paedophilia.

"Brand argued that sex with a consenting partner over the age of 12 was not harmful so long as both partners had an above-average IQ."

Not so clever.

The other one is Simon Sheppard, a known antisemite and a convicted political criminal who has served time.  His ideas are too complicated for the uneducated inadequate men who flock to anti-immigration parties to understand, so they mock him.  Worse, their leader, Nick Griffin, is too afraid of explaining anything to them, fearing their wrath, malice and incomprehension.

Are there men who are not losers, paedos, perverts or antisemites who are also antifeminists?

Most British men are too afraid to be seen to agree with him in case their slut girlfriends dump them or withhold sex from them.

My black female Muslim Facebook friend agreed and said

"Which means that most of them are beta losers, because an alpha would never be afraid of not getting sex, not in western society where women freely hand it to them!  You'd think that the betas would be the most outspoken against feminism, because it's the traditional society--the society which restricted female sexual behavior to marriage--that evens the playing field for them! Then again, maybe they are not up to the responsibility of marriage?"

Simon at least has sublimated his energies, though doubtless there are many nationalist men with female partners who pity him and say they pity him.

But Simon is better than all of them put together. I actually have more respect for Simon than all of them put together, because Simon has an idea that he is not afraid to propagate. He does not fear the slut and he does not fear the men who act in service of the matriarchy.

And he does not have a wife.

If you lived in the UK you would be frightened of your wife.

If he hates her he would fear her. If he loves her he would also fear her. is the reason why a wealthy husband would be afraid of his wife.

As for men who only fornicate with their slut female partners, they would be afraid of offending her because the consequence of doing so would be that of sex being withdrawn or the relationship being ended.

That is why it is so important to have principles, or all you end up doing is being pussywhipped by the woman you hate or love.

Men who don't live in the UK don't understand the problem nor men who have less money than their wives. Certainly men who are not married, do not want to marry or are in fact unmarriageable would not understand the problem.  These beta-omega males are in the majority though.

Feminism has pretty much got men stitched up.  If they have money they are afraid of losing it.  If they haven't got money but have a female partner they have to pretend that the are happy with the situation.  If they have neither money nor a female partner then the best they can hope for is sex from a slut because they are too poor to pay for a sex with a prostitute.

None of these men are going to risk their property and their access to sex by saying anything that might even offend a feminist and most women are feminists these days.

Who is a feminist?  A person who refuses to propose repealing the Equality Act 2010 nor the abolition of no-fault divorce.  This would mean most men and most women in the West.  This includes Nigel Farage and Nick Griffin who have wives they must be afraid of.

When I explain the problem to a man who lives in Korea he said, and I paraphrase : "Fuck those beta male losers, it wouldn't happen to me."

Quite.  "Fuck the beta losers, let no man marry in future, and let no woman marry either."

That is how the white man thinks. If he is a man who doesn't have a wife and doesn't want to marry, he won't trouble himself about the divorce laws.

Most supporters of racist anti-immigration parties are not married, do not want to get married or are in fact unmarriageable, and they all think like this.

I call men who  have sex but not with their wives MCSFs - Morally-Compromised Slut-Fuckers.

These MCSFs fuck only sluts or SSMs and their children are usually bastards.

I am saying this is the reason for the degeneracy of the white race.

They don't like hearing this, of course, so they call me mad.

Obviously, a race of bastards whose parents are SSMs and MCSFs cannot be expected to do better than other races and nations whose people are not mostly bastards.  Most British mothers sluts and most British babies bastards.

It really isn't rocket science at all.

But these nationalists pretend not to get it and like to blame Jews and Muslims etc rather than the sluts they fuck or the wives they are afraid of.

They like pretending they don't know what I am on about when I propose to abolish no fault divorce.

Nobody else is saying it, so you must be mad, they say.

These are just beta males of course. They don't trust their own views and are always looking around them to see what others are thinking to see if it is safe to agree with me. It is not safe to agree with me.

Black female Muslim Facebook friend:

NO man wants to marry really. They just want to fuck. It's WOMEN who are key in all this. Men no longer have to care about marriage because women no longer demand it in order for men to get the goodies.

The solution is simple: slut-shaming.

But white men in the West are too pussywhipped to say so, for all reasons I have already mentioned.

Soon most babies born in the West will be bastards and their mothers will be like this woman at  This means most babies will have mothers who are stupid SSMs and fathers who are MCSFs. 

Please help me save Western civilisation from the Slut who is feared by all men in the West.  

Points to note about SSMs and the men who are afraid of them:

  1. The most desirable female is a young and attractive female without "baggage".
  2. The less desirable female is a not so young and not so attractive female without "baggage".
  3. The least desirable female is a female with "baggage" ie the illegitimate offspring of another man.
  4. An omega female is the least desirable partner for a man looking for a wife and a mother for his children.  An SSM is therefore an omega female.  
  5. If all men are afraid of omega females then all men are lower than omega females. "We know who is in power by those whom we cannot criticise."  
  6. Men who are afraid of females stupider, poorer, weaker and lower in morals than they are are beyond contempt.  

A matriarchy expressed algebraically:

SSM > all men

Omega Female > all men

Matriarchy = Pornocracy

A patriarchy expressed algebraically:

Alpha Male > Alpha Female

Alpha Male > Beta Male

Beta Male > Beta Female

Beta Male > Omega Male

Which society do you think will be run on moral and rational principles?  

Which society do you think will crash and burn very soon?

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