Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Why BNP is now about to crash and burn at the EU elections

  1. Didn't go officially and exclusively civic nationalist.
  2. Fatal association of nationalism with being lower class and racist
  3. Leader couldn't be arsed to explain the benefits of ethno nationalists adopting a civic nationalist strategy to its admittedly mostly uneducated members who can turn nasty quite quickly.
  4. Leader no good at people management.
  5. Leader has too much power and once said "Anyone who crosses me is finished in nationalism" and treats activists with contempt.  
  6. Leader did not seek to develop nationalist ideology, which Claire Khaw was very keen to do.  
  7. Leader not interested in discussing ideas with anyone.  
  8. Leader does not trust anyone except sheep-like loyalists with little education, creativity and imagination.
  9. Leader easily feels threatened and presses the expel and suspend button in a trigger-happy way.
  10. Leader is a moral coward and clings to his core supporters from the North West of England whom voters are put off by
  11. Leader does not want to attract members who would be Khaw Supporters attracted by  her ideas of national and moral regeneration.
  12. Expulsion of Claire Khaw
  13. Refusal of party to stand up for free speech 
  14. Failure to support activists who go out on a limb and treats them as disposable.
  15. Party thinks passive-aggressive Islamophobic whingeing about Muslim grooming and terrorists is enough to keep leader treading water.
  16. Complacency
  17. Apathy
  18. Arrogance
  19. Ignorance
  20. Pride eg leader refusing to listen
  21. Lust eg leader refusing to condemn SSMs
  22. Sloth eg leader too lazy to explain benefits of civic nationalism to members
  23. Anger eg at Muslims, Jews etc without asking why nationalism so unpopular
  24. Greed eg financial impropriety never convincingly addressed
  25. Refusal to support marriage because most of its members not interested
  26. Refusal to support selective education because most of its members not interested
  27. Refusal to be unequivocal about repealing the Equality Act 2010 in its entirety
  28. Failure to annul Claire Khaw's expulsion
  29. Failure to appoint Claire Khaw Director of Communications

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