Sunday, 9 March 2014

Why I am grateful to Stewart Green for apologising over his anti-feminist diatribe

Stewart Green: like most British men, he is an effeminate coward.  It is always a sign of effeminacy to apologise for speaking the truth. 

By apologising, Green has only served to make it out of bounds to challenge and criticise feminism - the moral cancer that is affecting the West and shutting down all its major organs - thus making my role in British politics even more indispensable, for no leader of any political party you have heard of  is prepared to propose any measure that would challenge feminism. For this I am immensely grateful to him.  It is even easier for me to stand tall now in a nation of moral pygmies.

So, now, thanks to Green, already cowed British men will have the idea that they are not allowed to say the following:

  1. that they are sick of ‘these wretched women MPs who seem to be constantly going on about there not being enough women in frontline politics’.
  2. that ‘This country has been a gradual decline southwards towards the dogs ever since we started cow-towing [sic] to the cretinous pseudo-equality demand of these whingeing imbeciles.’
  3. that ‘Quite a few of these [feminist] women need a good slap round the face.’

I am happy to go to prison to assert the right to say what he said, and I won't be apologising either, however much you render me.  

I am not a scummy effeminate pussywhipped male afraid of offending sluts by criticising feminism because I want to have sex with them.  

Whatever I am, I am not a morally-compromised slut-fucker afraid of uncompromisingly supporting marriage.  

Whatever I am, I am not afraid to point out what supporting marriage really means in practice to the citizenry of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland governed by a convictionless cunt of a Prime Minister claiming to support Conservatism and presuming to lead the Conservative Party, who wants to spread the abomination of gay marriage worldwide.  

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