Sunday, 6 April 2014

Bishop of Portsmouth Philip Egan shows Catholicism has not completely lost its balls yet

Bishop of Portsmouth is Claire Khaw's Catholic hero

But I fear he is fighting a losing battle.  Disgusting gay-voting Catholic Tory MP Conor Burns is telling on him to lefty Cardinal Nichols, who will see to it that he is punished in some way.

Catholic MP Conor Burns responds to comments by the Bishop of Portsmouth that Catholic MPs who voted for the same sex marriage legislation should be denied Holy Communion.

Around 24th minute

May I congratulate u 4 ur proposal to excommunicate all gay marriage voting Catholic MPs. Burning at the stake's too good 4 them
I fear u will probably b punished by that PC lefty Vincent Nicholls for speaking out against gay marriage. I have a suggestion.
The best thing you can do to cock a snook at PC Liberal gay marriage supporting Christian clergymen is to convert to Islam.

I think you would get a lot of publicity by converting to Islam if Vincent Nicholls punishes you for excommunicating Conor Burns
is my semi-satirical Facebook web page about why the Pope should convert to Islam. I hope it amuses.

Would you say that fornicatresses are sluts and that sluts cause illegitimacy which also causes degeneracy, Your Excellency?

I wonder what Your Excellency thinks of measures taken to discourage SSMs at It would be effective.

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