Friday, 25 April 2014

Claire Khaw DEMANDS a FREE SPEECH version of Quora, free of FEMINAZISM

Join the fightback against feminism.

All you need to do - for the moment - is to:

  1. Join Quora.
  2. Follow my banned account at
  3. Follow my questions at
  4. Upvote my answers at
  5. Follow Joan Marple's questions at
  6. Upvote her answers at
  7. Follow the questions at
  8. Read to have a better understanding of how things are run and find out who the Feminazis are.  
  9. Follow Secular Koranism at  It will bring back the patriarchy and kill the feminazism of the matriarchy stone dead.

Fight for Free Speech at Quora!
Up with Free Speech!
Down with Feminazi PC Libtard Admins!

PLEASE help me fight the libtardation of the West!  

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