Saturday, 19 April 2014

Claire Khaw suggests changes at Quora

Conversation with Quora Admin

8h agoQuora Admin

You have posted a number of questions that have been marked as possibly insincere, and that do not comply with Quora policies and guidelines regarding questions. Please read this policy: Quora: What are the main policies and guidelines for questions on Quora?

If you continue to post questions that violate Quora's question policies, your account may be blocked or banned.Quora Admin
Claire Khaw
I don't understand the concept of being "possibly insincere".  Please would you explain/
Claire Khaw
Why use such euphemisms?  Why not call them "questions that have caused offence"?  Then the complainants can explain why they are feeling aggrieved and make fools of themselves.  

In fact, why don't you have a section for "Probably Offensive Questions"? I bet it would be a hit.

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