Thursday, 10 April 2014

Why has Jeffrey Marshall been expelled from the BNP without warning or explanation?

8 April 2014

Dear Mr Matthys
I am writing to enquire why my party membership has not been renewed for 2014.                                                
I rang the BNP number on 3rd March 2014 and spoke to Dawn. Then I paid £48 (or so I thought) over the phone to renew my membership for the year.  I apologised for renewing late - a little over two months since my membership had expired.

However I explained that my debit card had gone missing in February and she said this would be fine. She mentioned that the electronic payments system was down at that moment, but took my bank details and said it would be done later.

A day or so later I noticed the money had not been deducted from my account, so I rang Dawn again. She said there was a query about my membership, which was being dealt with by the membership department.  She also mentioned that an earlier suspension of my membership might be affecting my voting rights.

Subsequently, I called a few more times during the week but could not get any further information on the subject from Dawn, who was most apologetic.

In fact, my membership was suspended in 2010 for 3 months. This also applied to about 20 other members, including former London organisers.

Although we wrote to Clive Jefferson at the time asking why this had been done, none of us (as far as I am aware) received a reply.  After 3 months the suspensions were lifted by Clive in a sort of ‘truce’.  After this, I was able to renew in 2011, 2012 and 2013 without any difficulty at all.

Indeed, I was also able to vote in the 2011 party leadership election - which obviously I could not have done if the 2010 suspension had affected my voting rights in any way.

My latest renewal in 2013 was approved by you personally.  I have attached a copy of the letter you sent me on 21st March 2013 thanking me for renewing my membership.

I am not sure what could have happened between March 2013 and March 2014 to affect my membership status.  I have been reasonably active in the party – attending branch meetings and party demonstrations (e.g. for Lee Rigby in Westminster on 1/6/13; at Lunar House, Croydon on 5/10/13; and, recently, for Lee Rigby at the Old Bailey on 26/2/14).

In 2011, I was appointed East End Organiser. In addition to the European and Local Elections on May 22nd - there is to be a mayoral election in Tower Hamlets.  The present mayor, Lutfur Rahman, is sympathetic to Islamic fundamentalism and also (allegedly) corrupt.  A Panorama programme broadcast on 31/3/14 focused on fraud in the borough and on 4/4/14 fraud inspectors raided the town hall in Tower Hamlets and gathered up boxes of official files.

I believe the BNP should stand a candidate against Rahman (closing date for nominations is April 22).  The London Regional Organiser, Steve Squire, agrees.  On 10/3/14 at 22.58 he texted me saying: “I am quite interested in the mayor contest, when is it? The deposit [£500] won’t be a problem, we can raise that.”

Earlier that day I had discussed this with him.  He admitted there was no-one else in the Tower Hamlets area to represent the BNP.  There is to be a UKIP candidate standing in the election – Nicholas McQueen, a cousin of the late fashion designer, Alexander McQueen. This connection will no doubt give him a high profile and – with no BNP candidate to offer a genuine nationalist alternative – UKIP will simply take ALL the votes that should by rights go to our party.  What a pity.

Finally, I would be grateful if you would send me a letter concerning my membership status which should include an explanation of why my membership has not been renewed.

I will request a disciplinary hearing, if necessary, and/or take the matter to appeal.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely
J Marshall

What could be the reason for the non-renewal of Jeffrey Marshall's membership without warning or explanation?

It is true that he did a while back at a London Nationalist Unity Meeting that he would stand as a leadership contender in the next BNP leadership election which would be in 2015, after the General Election.

Jeff  says he is now "reasonably sure that problem with renewing my membership is because of the conversation I had in the pub after the Lunar House demo in September 2014 with Richard Perry of Malden, Essex and his wife, Tina both parish councillors. A member, George, was there and said rather provocatively, "You are against Nick Griffin, aren't you, Jeff?"  Instead of just denying this, as I should have, I proceeded to list Nick Griffin's strengths and faults and said I would stand against him in the next leadership election.  George said, "But no one will vote for you, Jeff."  I said, "But I still think someone should stand." Richard and Tina looked a bit shocked, as newish members.  I thought at the time it might get back to the leadership."

Is this an honourable reason to expel him though?

It has also been said that Jeffrey has been "mixed up" with me, but that must be nonsense, surely.  Jeffrey doesn't look anything like me and takes great care not to say the things I say.

Perhaps he is seen as my proxy by the leadership, which is flattering indeed.

noun: proxy
the authority to represent someone else, especially in voting.
"Britons overseas may register to vote by proxy"
synonyms: deputy, representative, substitute, delegate, agent, surrogate, stand-in, attorney, ambassador, emissary, go-between, envoy;
a person authorized to act on behalf of another.

Eddy Butler has his own theory:

They have always known that he is your partner - they have known about his idea of standing and Griffin might welcome the opportunity to cement his rule  - the only new factor is he was seen with me [at the Old Bailey demo in February] - they hold me responsible for their demise - which of course is true Ha!

Jeffrey is the one on the left

What does the BNP constitution say?

Could it be that Nick Griffin thinks Jeffrey Marshall might become the new BNP leader or that he thinks his position is so precarious that he would deprive Jeffrey of his voting rights just in case Jeffrey votes for the other candidate?

Will we ever know?

Jeffrey Marshall - would butter melt in his mouth?

Jeffrey Marshall stopped from renewing his BNP membership because Nick Griffin fears defeat in 2015 leadership contest

Jeffrey Marshall's proposed leadership campaign strategy

1.  Start blogging now that he intends to contest the leadership.
2.  Dare the BNP not to renew his membership just because he said that.
3.  Declare that his prospectus is simply to return the BNP constitution, mutatis mutandis, to what it was before and return the party to the noble tradition of having a leadership election every year. has the old shorter clearer simpler constitution.
4.  Recognise that the old constitution has all those bits about sending non-white British citizens "home" which is no longer acceptable after the EHRC came into existence, so he will substitute that by saying that the BNP is a party that is committed to promoting the long term national interest.
5.  Point out that he does not really want the job of being BNP leader, and only wants to be caretaker leader.
6.  Point out that his prospectus should be attractive to those who fancy having a go at the leadership the following year.

28 Apriil 2014

It seems that the party has taken his money and his membership card is in the post. Let us see if he receives it.  


Peter Mullins said...

Happens to us all, sooner or later. Must be getting on for 100,000 ex-members out there by now.

Claire Khaw said...

Really? As many as that?

Peter Mullins said...

Yup, as many as that. The way the system "churned" members, drawing them in, bleeding them dry then spitting them out, meant an large number was needed to feed the machine over many years. In 2008/9 membership stood at 14,000 plus. Probably only a couple of thousand left now. Great pity, really.